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Happy New Year and Welcome 2018

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Hello and welcome to 2018.

Hope everyone were able to be with their loved ones and seeing the new year in.

This year will be a busy one.

  • With two WIP still to complete
  • A new website to design
  • New book covers to be – designed, – completed, – resubmitted.
  • Two other books to go over and rewrite
  • Four books to be edited
  • Merchandise to be designed, ordered
  • Printed books to be designed, finalised and printed
  • Publish other peoples books also.

And that is just the start of this years work load.

Hope everyone is enjoying my books. Let me know what you think of the new covers.

With the new year starting, with all the do and don’ts about to start and what you should be doing… Please be mindful. We are only human. We are not superman. We still have to take each day as it comes, place one foot in our pants at a time.

Be realistic, try not to set unbelievable goals this year. Yes we all have hopes and dreams, yes write them down, but realistically take smaller steps to achieve our goals. You can try and do, anything you  put your mind to.  With smaller steps, and with each step completed, you can mark off your progress and know – You Completed It!

Happy 2018 New Year.

Happy 2018 New Year!

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hny 2018

With one more day left remaining of 2017, a lot of changes have been made. I have released another book.  Changed and updated my book covers. Designed and made new bookmarks and flyers. Lot’s of new business card size book cards to be handed out. New merchandise, including my new coffee mugs.

It did not help, at the start of the year, when my laptop died taking all my files with it. Placing me behind with the release of my second book. Now I have a new updated laptop, including my new Christmas presents of a new keyboard and mouse, which constantly change colour.

With a couple of book signings under my belt and the ARRA in February completed, it had been a fantastic event. Meeting new friends and catching up with others authors.

With surgery and the removal of my gallbladder, recovery had taken its toll. It did not help either when I missed a step and fell down the carpet covered stairs, injuring my ankle and foot just over a month later. A bit of damage to my foot and ankle, thankfully they had not been broken, but I did injure the tendons and ligaments.

I am just about finished completing the next two book covers of books three and four with the fifth cover still in design stage – Sex, Lies And Family Secrets.

My first book in my shifter series, is almost completed and the cover has a few more details to add. It’s second book in its series is still in design and set out stage.

With two new books due for release early next year and another one later in the year, it will be an interesting year. Fingers crossed all three of my first released book will also be in print and available for sale.

mltompsett ausrom

It had also been a surprise to be nominated in this years AusRomToday Reader’s Choice Awards in the Best New Author category.

It had been a pleasure being amongst all the other talented authors.


With the month of November, busy with NaNoWrMo – I completed over the 50,000 wordsNaNo-2017-Winner-Certificate and made some new fantastic talented friends around the world, with a nice little certificate at the end.

Don’t forget the first book in the Sex, Lies And Family Secrets – series – The Guy Next Door, will be back to its original price very soon.



bk sale NYE starting 2b
Amazon link



From my family to yours, we wish you a Happy and Safe 2018 New Year

May you fill your ereaders full of fantastic books.

Merry 2017 Christmas and a Happy 2018 New Year!

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xmas promo 1a DSHello and Merry 2017 Christmas.
I hope everyone has had a safe and great time with loved ones and family.

With far too many days of over eating, I am ready for a break and then back into my writing to complete the two WIP I am currently working on.


For the Boxing Day Sales, I have Dark Surprises at half price at most ebook stores. Make sure to download a copy at this saving.
As for The Guy Next Door, sadly time is slowly running out for this eBook being FREE – price. For your chance to start at the beginning, go on over to your favourite eBook store and download a FREE copy before the original price returns.

Also from some fellow authors, try these new little beauties. 

Lady Cecile McCaulay is enchanted by the Castello di Scogliera and its glamorous inhabitants: the Conte di Cavour and, Lucrezia, his beautiful half-sister. However, their lavish welcome hides darker motives and a third resident walks the ancient corridors of the castle, by night, unseen.

A sumptuous Gothic Romance, filled with mystery, intrigue, and the lure of the sensuous.

  Emmanuelle De Maupassant


What dark secrets lie within those walls?
Madness, abduction, imprisonment… murder?
The past does not lie quietly.

Towering above its island of wave-lashed rock is Castello di Scogliera.
Look up at the narrow windows, and you might think yourself watched.
Something, or someone, has been waiting for Lady McCaulay to arrive…

Arriving in Italy, Lady Cecile McCaulay is enchanted by the Castello di Scogliera and its glamorous inhabitants: the Conte di Cavour and, Lucrezia, his beautiful half-sister. However, their lavish welcome hides darker motives and a third resident walks the ancient corridors of the castle, by night, unseen.

Meanwhile, Lord McCaulay and his new bride honeymoon on the Italian coast, unaware that malevolent forces threaten to destroy their new-found happiness.

A sumptuous Gothic Romance, filled with mystery, intrigue, and the lure of the sensuous, from the pen of Emmanuelle de Maupassant.

Italian Sonata is the second volume in the Noire trilogy.

This book will be FREE from 3 – 7th January.

Amazon page link



Christmas – promoting books and giveaways. Enjoy.

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With the silly season upon us, I have a treat for you.  A few of my friends have their books on sale or FREE. Take a look and grab yourself some fantastic books for the Christmas break.



Dungari Rise: A Sci-Fi Erotic Romance & Post-Apocalyptic Story of Survival by [Landis, Nikki]
  .99 cents at Amazon for a short time only.

A Handmaid’s Tale meets Mad Max with a Sci-Fi Twist.




The Dungari dominated the human world 100 years ago in a desperate attempt to save their dying race. Enslaving young women and forcing them to endure the Choosing, the Dungari seek to replenish their fallen numbers.


Synika hides with a rebel group who seek to end the tyranny on Earth. When the truth is exposed, she must rise to the challenge and save the captives from a fate far worse than death.


Tuvari is a soldier who always completes his mission; honor and bravery his highest calling. He will need to decide if his loyalty belongs to his people or with the fiery temptress who has ensnared his heart.


Would you give up everything to do what is right?

This book contains adult content and is intended for mature audiences only, 18 or older.



Another great book from a local Aussie Author, G M Golland for a short time only her book Plight is on sale.



Plight by [Golland, K.M.]
K. M. Golland – Plight .99 cents
Plight [plahyt]

Noun: a difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation.
Verb: pledge or solemnly promise. Be engaged to be married.



I promised myself to a man. Well, technically, I promised myself to a boy. We were eight years old. Neighbours. He gave me a Cheezel, pushed it onto my finger, and asked me to marry him.
I ate the Cheezel.
I also said, “Yes” but that we’d have to wait until we were thirty.
It was my thirtieth birthday last week and now he’s calling in that promise.
Seriously, Elliot Parker is insane if he thinks that an out of the blue private Facebook message stipulating the binding law of an oral contractual agreement is going to seal our twenty-two-year bullshit engagement.
I wonder if he really does look like his profile picture, though.



And for a selection of fantastic books, we have a Christmas special

Dozens of authors are sharing the ultimate collection of paranormal, urban fantasy and
sci-fi reads! Stop by and pick up a new favorite book! 

Both of my books will be there also!

Catching up with Judy Nunn

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Local Author – meets – Australia’s talented Author    shell and judy

This week, I had the privilege and honour – meeting the fabulous and talented Australian favourite author Judy Nunn.

With her playful manner, and her actress side showing; Judy read a piece from her latest book release – Sanctuary. Capturing the audience and keeping everyone entertained and on the edge of their seats. A thrill piece, had you shaking your head and hoping for the character and his family to stay safe and escape, from the evils of war. Judy also went on to explain the back ground story and history, of how Sanctuary had started and formed. Judy also mentioned her talented husband and his contribution with the composing a beautiful piece for her book amongst other things.

A bit about Sanctuary, grab a copy today.



Judy nunn bk sanctIn Judy Nunn’s latest compelling novel, compassion meets bigotry, hatred meets love, and ultimately despair meets hope on the windswept shores of Australia.

On a barren island off the coast of Western Australia, a rickety wooden dinghy runs aground. Aboard are nine people who have no idea where they are. Strangers before the violent storm that tore their vessel apart, the instinct to survive has seen them bond during their days adrift on a vast and merciless ocean.

Fate has cast them ashore with only one thing in common . . . fear. Rassen the doctor, Massoud the student, the child Hamid and the others all fear for their lives. But in their midst is Jalila, who appears to fear nothing. The beautiful young Yazidi woman is a mystery to them all.

While they remain undiscovered on the deserted island, they dare to dream of a new life . . .

But forty kilometres away on the mainland lies the tiny fishing port of Shoalhaven. Here everyone knows everyone, and everyone has their place. In Shoalhaven things never change.

Until now . . .


I also gave Judy one of my brochures – The Guy Next Door.

This week has been a busy one.

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All I can say is WOW.

This week, I am working on two different books.

Creating new book covers for my published books and for the new books coming up for release over the next six months.Black cover TGND small file





This week also been full of surprises.
I have been NOMINATED in the AusRomToday’s Readers Choice Awards – for Best new author.

*** A extremely proud moment ***mltompsett ausrom
Yay me.
To have my name amongst the other fantastic and talented authors, is a real privilege and honour.

The facebook link.

To vote for either myself or one of the talented authors, you have to be logged into facebook, click on the photo and in the comments click on LIKE where the authors name is. That simple.
Good luck to all the other nominated authors.

Check out the PUFB Trick or Treat Promo!

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Welcome to this Halloween selection of hot reads

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Two Dozen Authors are giving you the ultimate collection of reads!

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Happy Halloween!

Come on, you know you want to sink your teeth into some Halloween great reads. Paranormal hot stuff.
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