Make time for yourself

Hello everyone. At the moment I am taking time out for myself. Everyone needs to take some time for themselves. Not just for your body but also that of your mind. Mental health is important for everyone. Don't burn yourself out. It is not worth it. Take time out this weekend and relax. Read a [...]

Melbourne Author Signing 2023

Wow what a dayA room full of talented, creative fantastic authors, and then all the beautiful reader's What a busy day. I left home before sunrise and arrived home after sunset. It is always exciting to travel to the city. And this time it was for the Australian Romance Reader's Associations' author signing event in [...]

This Saturday!

Wow. This Saturday, people. It is getting closer. And I'm getting excited about this fantastic author signing event in Melbourne. Thanks to the Australian Romance Reader's Association -- as they present -- A Romantic Rendezvous 2023, it will be the place to be this Saturday. GUESS WHAT... general admission tickets will be available at the [...]

For those who are interested in attending this year’s ARRA2023

Only a couple more days left for purchasing tickets, and I'm excited! Dusted off my banner and table signage. Don't they look pretty. Not long until I see all the smiling and eager faces at this year's #ARR2023 Ticket sales will close on Friday 3 February.When - 18th February. Where - Melbourne. Novotel on Collins. [...]

Did you see my piece on the ARRA blog page?

Guest blogger: ML Tompsett 1d ago Today’s blog is about what an indie author can and does go through—when they write, create, design, publish, and release a book. How many of you know what an indie author is and what they do? Indie authors are the sole person who does everything from the start, middle, [...]

ARRA 2023 author signing is nearly here!

It is getting close, and I'm excited! #ARR2023 is nearly here! Ticket sales will close on Friday 3 February. Who's coming along to meet Julia Quinn, Audrey Carlan, and the dozens of local Aussie romance authors who will be at these events? Which city will you be at? I'm signing in Melbourne. Make sure to [...]

January is here!

Welcome to 2023. Happy New Year and Happy Reading for 2023 How is your to-be-read pile?Have you managed to read a good book within the first five days? Speaking of reading a good book. This week don't forget we are celebrating my new release. Yay me!My eighth published single book. Ghost of a Chance in [...]

Happy Release Day!

 Happy New YearHow were your New Year activitiesSpending it with family and friends?Did you read a good book?Speaking of reading a good book.Today we are celebrating my new release.Today is the release day for Ghost of a Chance in Love.If you have read the previous two books in the series, you would have come across Laini [...]

December is here

Summer is here... Well at times it is and currently Winter is back.Have you booked your tickets yet? Would you like the chance to meet some awesome authors? Did you enjoy watching the tv show Bridgerton? Maybe you read the books -- Meet the author, Julia Quinn! Don't forget to book your tickets. This is [...]

To create or not to create

Are you a writer and debate if to create your own digital files. Do you know how to? Do you know where to start? Many years ago, now, I once used to create my digital files in word. Yes, in word doc. Many years later and a lot of hard work, I now use a [...]

November is here

How is everyone? The weather is heating up - finally. But, many places are still going through the devasting with the last lot of floods. This Summer will be interesting to see what happens. Will we have a draught Summer? On other news I am busy working on Laini's Story. There are some major twists [...]

Halloween is here!

Halloween is here!Are you going out and enjoying the Halloween festive day?Spending with family and friends?Well, I'm spending it with good friends and attending a special event.Today is the last chance to grab yourself a bargain.My ebooks are heavily reduced at the special Halloween price of .99 cents.Here are the books names and links. Click [...]

A special Halloween treat!

Over the Halloween festivities, my ebooks will be at the special treat .99 cent price. At all the good ebook onine stores. #GooglePlay #Amazon #iBooks #kobo and many more outlets. Enjoy your treat this 2022 Halloween year. Action packed, passion, drama, mystery, bodyguard, surprise baby, billionaire, playboy, dark ones, shifters, vampires, witches, oh my. Genres: [...]

Do you listen to audible books?

I have made the move. My books are also available as audible books over at GooglePlay Books. At first, I wasn't sure as the books are narrative by an AI voice.But I am now adjusting and listening to the audio books everywhere I go. Happy Halloween. As a special treat the prices of the audio [...]

October is here

The year is sailing fast and not long now until the end of the year appears.What am I currently doing? Writing, more writing and creating digital files for clients. With audio books and writing taking up much of my time, have you stopped to give any thought when writing the common mistakes people make – [...]


Be quick - time is running out. Last chance to grab free ebooks. 600+ Free Ebooks! 1 Day Only! No signups! No strings at all! Just a thank you to all readers for loving books as much as we do! We got Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Apple & Google! Stuff your e-reader now! #free#giveaway #freebooks [...]

My journey is now heading towards audio books

Hello everyone, What a hectic couple of weeks. The Queen of England passed away. The worldwide coverage of her funeral. Busy with different clients and creating their digital files for their print and ebooks. Plus, also attempting to add words to my own WIP's.Then there is the audio side of things. This week has also [...]

September is halfway through.

The year is flying. Well, that is how it feels to me, anyway. So back to the start of this September newsletter - Hello everyone.How have you all been? For those of you who are Kindle Unlimited users, my contemporary laugh-out-loud ebook – Insta Bride, will be leaving this platform and will become wide! Yes, finally, after all [...]

It’s my birthday!

Hello everyone. Thank you for joining me. As a special treat to you the reader, my ebooks have been reduced in price for my birthday. Be quick the low prices will not last long. Have you read The bodyguard's convenient marriage? Too busy for love and sticking to her three rules, until she is hired [...]

New Release

It is live! My new book - The bodyguard's convenient marriage is now live.The book is available on Kindle Unlimited at Amazon.For a short time special offer, the ebook is .99 cents for a another day. Be quick and download your copy today. New Release Too busy for love. A woman scorned is deadly.Three rules [...]

5 more days!

Release day is fast approaching. Hello everyone, As you can see, my next release – The bodyguard’s convenient marriage, is due to be released on 30th June. It is on pre-order for .99 cents. Bargain. Especially once the ebook is released the price will return to its normal pricing. So be quick. Contemporary second [...]

8 Days to go!

Humpday blog. Hello everyone. Not long now until my ebook baby will be live. For a short time only .99 cent offer for the pre-order - Amazon Release date - 30th June. The Bodyguard's Convenient Marriage. The Bodyguard's Convenient Marriage What does an independent, strong minded ex-FBI woman have in common with a wealthy businessman, [...]

May is here!

Hello to all you fabulous people. I have some fantastic news! My next release, which is due out on the 30th June, is now available for pre-order. Yes, you heard me correctly. The Bodyguard’s Convenient Marriage is now available for pre-order over at Amazon – Kindle. The Bodyguard’s Convenient Marriage is my second, contemporary romance [...]


Happy Easter, everyone. How is your weekend going so far? The sun is shining. I’m behind the computer busy working. The washing machine is busy doing its thing. The kettle is back on and the toaster is about to pop with my next cooked hot cross bun!You can never have too many hot cross buns, [...]

April is here!

How has this year gone so fast? How are you all going so far? Easter is just around the corner. School holidays have started. I’m busy editing my latest book. Fingers crossed it will be released very soon. At the beginning of the year I come down with covid. I was triple vaccinated. Symptoms still [...]

Happy 2022 New Year!

Last day of 2021 January has started and is nearly over. Which I am glad! I am one of the many from around the world who had tested positive this year to Covid. I am coming up to four weeks since I first started having symptoms. I retained my taste and sense of smell. Covid [...]

Sunday blog.

What has been happening? After a busy few days, and broken links for my latest newsletter, I have finally sent one out! Here is the link to my latest newsletter In other news... We have had some beautiful weather. Enjoyed a day out with friends at the local picnic races. Caught up many other people [...]

Black Friday and cyber Monday sales 2021

It is that time of the year with Black Sale specials upon us. All my single ebooks are reduced down to .99 cents. If you have not read one of my books, download one and begin the journey into Paranormal Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance, or Contemporary Romance. Fans of Kim Harrison & Charlaine Harris books [...]

Continue on from my last blog on edits and editors

When to look for and use an editor Are you looking for an editor? Wondering what you should be doing after you have completed your manuscript… There are several things you should be doing first. Do you use a dictionary, thesaurus, grammar book? If not - these books will and can make your writing better, especially [...]

When to look for and use an editor

Are you looking for an editor? Wondering what you should be doing after you have completed your manuscript… There are several things you should be doing first. Do you have on hand a dictionary, thesaurus, grammar book? These books will and can make your writing better, especially before your manuscript sees the light of day. [...]

October is here!

Wow. Is it just me, or has the year progressed a little fast this year… Ok. I am home, back to the colder weather. My knees are already informing me to move to a warmer climate! I agree with them. I have been off and about travelling in the warmer state of Queensland. Yep. The [...]

Looking for a new book?

Hello everyone, are you looking for a new book to read? Maybe a new author to discover. During the month of August on Facebook a book fair is being hosted by a mixture of talented authors. Plus take a look at the webpage for a selection of .99 cents specials, including my book an urban [...]

Writing there is no quick way to a manuscript

Have you written a manuscript and typed The End at the bottom on the last page and wonder what you do next? Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, do not rush off and fall into the trap of publishing the pages of your manuscript, thinking it will be the next bestseller. Sadly life does not [...]

May is here!

Hello everyone.I hope you are keeping well. As yet, I have not been able to receive the covid vaccine. First, I was not in the correct category to be eligible. Now it seems to be something else preventing me from getting the jab. A month ago, I had the flu vax. And as I type, [...]

What to say when said is too much.

Writing techniques, and selecting another word instead of 'said'. Have you been contemplating writing? Or have you written a short story or eighty thousand words? Writing can be therapeutic until you begin the editing side of things. Some authors love editing, while others hate it with a passion. Things to look out for - repeating [...]

Insta Bride – have you read it?

I have been busy making a few changes here and there in my latest contemporary romance, Insta Bride. The blurb also tweaked. How many of you have taken the time to read it? Both the blurb and book? Take a look and let me know what you think. Blurb Missy wants passion and no strings. [...]

To read or not to read!

To follow on from my previous blog on reviews - To Read or Not to Read allows readers to step into the book critic role and determine which books to recommend and which ones to skip based on their reflections throughout the reading experience... But, how as a reader, do we take each piece of [...]


What is a book review? A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is merely described or analyzed based on content, style, and merit. Remember, when it comes to reviews, you base your opinion on the book you just read, not the author.

March is here!

Hello, and welcome everyone. Can you believe it...March is here already! I am still busy writing, creating and editing my three WIP's. Yes, three of them, with a few others wanting out, and to join the other folders of completed manuscripts. How is everyone? With Covid all over the place, and states and borders going [...]

February 2021

Wow. Can you believe February is nearly finished already? The New Year arrived, Australia Day has been and gone. Plus, Valentine's Day has slipped through our fingers. With my state on lockdown, we had an extremely quiet Valentine's Day. A day at home. One good thing before lockdown, I managed to get away to a [...]

Happy 2021 New Year!

Hello everyone, and welcome to 2021. May this year be better than the last. How many of you have decided to write a book or have a completed manuscript hiding away, and your debating what to do next? Apart from being a published author of paranormal fantasy and contemporary romance, I am also a book [...]

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy 2021 New Year! Hello everyone, The end of the year is only hours away. Wherever you are, whatever you decide to do. Please keep safe. Yep. It is that time of the year already! In the end, this year has flown by, or have we only encouraged it to go faster? The New Year [...]

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Hello everyone November is here, and we are nearly half way through the month already. So much has happened since blood clots had been discovered in my lung. With different specialists and tests I have completed it has been a busy time. At least I can say, I am still here, and slowly improving each [...]

I am back!

Yes, I am. What am I speaking of? Back at the end of August I had pain in my back. My asthma was beginning to play up and it was a Friday evening. During the night the pain increased, in my back and circled around to my chest. Breathing was painful. I went to the [...]

Do you prefer print books?

How many times have you discovered a fantastic book to read, only for it to be an ebook? For Australian readers only I have my own order form, which will entitle you to an signed print book.For readers in other countries, there are many online print book stores. Type in M L Tompsett in their [...]

Do you use Kindle Unlimited?

In all my years of using my kindle, I have not used Kindle Unlimited. Do you use it? What do you think? At the moment I have four books in Kindle Unlimited. I'm trying it out as an author. Time will tell if I will continue with it or not. Here are my four ebooks. [...]

Happy 4th July

I am excited to say, my book baby is LIVE. Yes live and available at Amazon stores! Insta Bride It's fun to see amazon email you, to let you know that - preorder - ebook is now available. For a short time only, Insta Bride, is still .99 cents. Be fast. Time is running out [...]