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February is already half way over.

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The year is progressing. Valentine’s Day has been and gone.

With works still busy with print books and also creating the large font print books for low vision, or as I would say, books which are easier to read! My two WIP are still going strong, and soon I will start posting little snippets.

Another big announcement for this year is, I have finally added a new page to my website!

I have been extremely busy with clients and assisting them with their book files. From there they have now published in print and eBooks. Both fiction and non-fiction.

Even though my name is not mentioned in their books – well they are not my book babies to begin with. I still feel proud with the knowledge I am behind the reason why these books are available to the public today.

So if you have been debating what you should do with your completed manuscript and wanted to turn it into the digital files required for uploading to be a Print book or an eBook, send me a message and we can work out the best course to go. I can also provide advice to becoming an indie author in this big scary world of publishing.

Australia Day is nearly here

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Hello everyone,

How have you been coping with all this hot weather? Today it is already hitting 40 and the wind has picked up. The sad part is, the temperature is meant to be increasing, until the cool change hits.

The plan for today to head out and try and complete all tasks before the temperature is too high. Then spend the rest of the day on my current WIP, with a cool drink beside me and the air conditioning blasting.

Tomorrow is Australia Day here in Oz. Not sure if we will be attending one of the many breakfast BBQ’s or lunch. Whichever way our day will be spent, please take care out on the roads. Traffic will be heavy, take plenty of drinking water with you.

For those of you in the bushfire area’s, big hugs to you all. Take care and leave early. Don’t risk you life, it is not worth it. A house can be rebuilt, you will be missed, but you can never be replaced.

book card

Edits for Kept In the Dark Of Love and Lust are still moving forward. Fingers crossed they will be complete soon. And the book will be released to the public. Getting excited and I cannot wait for everyone to read it.

With the postponed authors signing on the 19th January, fingers crossed there will be a new date soon.

As for this weekend, have a fantastic time, keep safe and be careful out on the roads.

P.S – If you are out and about on Sunday and in Victoria, down towards Phillip Island, take a detour and visit the little beach village – Kilcunda for their lobster festival.

A great day out with many different stalls of goodies to be purchased, including the chance to win your own cooked crayfish!

Happy Australia

Update and guess what arrived?

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Hello everyone.

Welcome to January, 2019.

My first bit of news, my ebooks are now in PRINT!

Yes print.

They look fantastic and I am one happy little girl.

On a sad note, my first book signing for this year, has now been postponed.

Yes, the Berwick Author Signing, which was meant to be held on the 19th January, Berwick, Victoria, has been placed on hold. Keep posted. When I find something out regarding new dates, I’ll let you know.

On the writing front, I am still busy with edits and the WIP. Lot’s to do and not enough time to do it in.

I better go, just a quick note to say “hi”

Big hugs.

ohhh. Look at the clock, it must be cuppa time

Happy New Year – 2019

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Happy New Year, everyone.
Today while I sit in front of my trusty computer, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the weather is fantastic.

This year will be a busy one.
First off, I have books on order! Yes I have ordered printed books… Yay me.

As for the books for POD, I am still going over the eProofs. Looks like I might require a new cover.

This year I will start the year off with two book signings, one on the 19th January and the other in March. I cannot wait to see some of the gorgeous people who take the time to read my books. I will also have available for sale, necklaces, key chains, coffee mugs and many other items.

With more books waiting to be completed, written and edited, all going well, I will aim to release three if not four books this year. Fingers crossed for me.

So another year has ended and another has just started, what are some of things you have planned for this year?

Oh, look at the time… It is cuppa time already.
Go and put the kettle on and grab a good book and sit back for while and relax, on this the 1st day of January, 2019.

December has arrived and so has Summer!

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december greetings.jpg

So the 1st of December has started. The sun was out and shining, it felt like a Summers day!
A recap for the month of November.

  • I am still busy working on book four – It’s You.
  • My first book in my shifter series is still in the process of editing.
  • I am going over my original books and preparing them for PRINT.
  • I have ordered new author – stickers, bookmarks and other merchandise.
  • I am slowly preparing for my first 2019 book signing, in Berwick, Victoria on the 19th January. With lot’s of goodies. And then the next book signing at the end of March.
  • Book five in the Sex, Lies And Family Secrets, keeps wanting out and to be written.
  • I have not been well, even had a stint in hospital, via two ambulances.
  • My fibromyalgia has been acting up big time, this months attack includes inside my ears!
  • I’ve been on other authors blogs, which was great to do.
  • December has started, so I better get back to it, on one of the current WIP’s.

Some of the merchandise.


Our Christmas tree, went up today, who has begun the tradition and setting up either a fresh or fake Christmas tree – full of decorations.

So may you all, accomplished all your deadlines. Keep safe and healthy.

Until next time.
Say hello to your mum for me!

M. L. Tompsett – Author

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End of October is here

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Greetings everyone.
With October nearing to an end and Halloween fast approaching, it is hard to believe, Christmas will be here before we know it.

One of the new features I have managed to create this month is the new
eBook link.

I have a new one for my first eBook – The Guy Next Door, from the series – Sex, Lies And Family Secrets.

If you would like to take advantage of the new link and the FREE eBook, try it out.

The Guy Next Door
The Guy Next Door


I hope you all have a fantastic time Trick or Treating this Halloween, dressing up and collecting yummy treats.



An Interview with Author M. L. Tompsett

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via An Interview with Author M. L. Tompsett

Bookbaybz – interview with MC Dalton

head shot 4.jpg

M. L. Tompsett has been creating worlds to escape to since she was a little girl. And years later still enjoying her writing in her imaginative make-believe worlds with interesting characters and steamy scenes. Finally moving forward to the big wide scary world of publishing in print and the new world of digital eBook publishing.

M. L. Tompsett is married to her childhood sweetheart. They live in Victoria, Australia and have two fully grown, handsome and extremely talented in their own way – sons.

A tea drinker and a lover of fine chocolate, okay nearly any type of chocolate, especially milk chocolate covered liquorice. (YUM) M. L. Tompsett enjoys drinking from her designed author’s mug while typing away on the next manuscript.

With her first series, out on the digital shelves and in print (softcover). M. L. Tompsett is excited to see something she has been working on for far too long become a reality in the published world.

Sex, Lies And Family Secrets, box set
Box set


From the blurb of the third book – You Never Know.

Leaving her family behind and turning her back on her destiny, Alex Smithlyn is a Dark One princess, living in the human realm. Recruited by the head of The Corporation, both Alex and Branx Rayden work as partners in the SFD or the Special Forces Department, in the City. Solving crimes, catching the bad guys and the bad paranormal entities gone rogue. Fighting for good, capturing and eliminating the evils of this world, until someone close to our young couple decided Alex is next on the list for extermination.

Captured and tortured, Alex uses her hidden abilities to escape with Branx. It soon becomes apparent, Alex was not meant to live to tell about it.

As a mysterious man appears, who is he? But more importantly, why is he looking for Branx and why did he want to capture, Alex? Secrets are revealed, shattering one family and changing their lives forever.

With Branx by her side, is the love they share strong enough to survive the evils around them? Will they live long enough to find out the truth before it is too late? Alex must survive if she is to become the next Queen of Darshia.

Who said the life of a Princess, is ever easy?


Q. What got you interested in writing?

Reading lots of books – paranormal books, since I was a kid. And finding my imagination running wild and creating my own little stories and scenarios

Q. How long have you been writing?

On and off since I was a young student in primary school.

Q. Do you have any goals/projects in the pipeline?

Complete my second series and try and write something along the lines of paranormal historical.

Q. What do you like most about writing?

Creating the characters and build their life and journey in different types of worlds.

Q. What genre do you write?

Mainly Paranormal Fantasy

Q. What draws you to this genre?

I have always enjoyed reading this genre.

Q. Where do you get your ideas?

Sometimes a song I hear on the radio or a dream I have had.

You Never Know book 3
You Never Know

Q. Tell us about your process, how do you get into a writing mindset?

Listening to music, especially while I type. Maybe I will read someone else’s books, to clear my own head and start again on the chapter I am working on.

Q. What are you working on at the moment?

The fourth book in my, first series. It’s You and the first and second book in my shifter two book series which has no name at the moment

Q. Which writers inspire/influence you?

All types of talented, brilliant authors, who happen to write romance, paranormal and fantasy

Q. What else about your writing journey should we know?

I enjoy writing to escape everyday life. To become, another person – character, even if it is only for a short while ( in my head at least. ) Sometimes fiction can be better than reality – on paper anyway when real life becomes far too hectic, and frustrating.

Dark Surprises book 2
Dark Surprises

Q. Where can we find your books!?

At all good ebook stores.
The Guy Next Door is FREE at the moment, so take the plunge and dive into the steamy pages with bite.

The Guy Next Door
The Guy Next Door

The Guy Next Door

Dark Surprises

You Never Know

Sex, Lies And Family Secrets (Series box set)

head shot 4.jpg
M. L. Tompsett – Author of Paranormal Fantasy Romance