2017 Special Melbourne Event – Romance


group photo
ARRC2017 Most of the attending Romance Authors

On 24–26 February 2017 Melbourne will be hosting the fifth Australian Romance Readers Convention, and on behalf of the organising committee it gives us great pleasure to extend an invitation to you to attend this exciting event. ARRC2017 bringing together romance readers, authors and publishers and provided an opportunity to talk about all things related to romance fiction.

The convention is an international event, featuring award-winning authors Kylie Scott, Courtney Milan and Kristen Callihan as keynote speakers. It also included a special Skype Q&A with Thea Harrison. Panel members included numerous bestselling Australian romance authors.

This was an excellent event, to meet your favourite romance author, to have the chance to be amongst the world of romance. All that fantastic talent, just waiting for you to arrive and say hello.


The following is a complete list of authors who attended the ARRC2017. Those marked with an asterisk took part in the signing on the Saturday afternoon.

Alison Stuart
Alissa Callen arrc2017-light_180
Alli Sinclair
Allison Butler *
Amber A Bardan *
Amy Andrews *
Amy Rose Bennett *
Anna Cowan
Anne Gracie *
Avril Tremayne *
Bec McMaster *
Beverley Eikli *
Bronwyn Parry *
Cassandra Dean
Cassandra O’Leary *
Catherine Evans/Cate Ellink *
Cathryn Hein *
Charlotte Nash *
Christine Wells *
Claire Boston *
Courtney Milan *
CS Pacat *
Darcy Delany *
Delwyn Jenkins
Demelza Carlton *
Diana Thompson *
Diane Demetre *
Donna Maree Hansen/Dani Kristof *
Ebony McKenna *
Eden Summers *
Elizabeth Squire *
Ella Carey *
Emily Madden *
Erica Hayes *
Fiona Greene
Fiona Lowe *
Georgia Mathers Carter *
Imogene Nix *
Isabella Hargreaves *
JA Low *
Jennie Jones *
Joanne Dannon *
Kandy Shepherd *
Kaye Dobbie *
Kelly Hunter *
Kendall Talbot *
Keri Arthur *
Kerrie Paterson *
KM Golland *
Kristen Callihan *
Kylie Scott *
Lena Lowe *
Lisa Ireland *
Lucy Clark
Madeline Ash *
Maggie Mundy *
Maggie Nash *
McKinlay Thomson
Melanie Scott *
Michelle Somers *
M.L. Tompsett
Nicole Hurley-Moore *
Pamela Cook *
Penelope Janu *
Rachael Johns *
Sandy Curtis *
Sarah Barrie *
Savannah Blaize
Shannon Curtis *
Susan Lattwein *
Suzi Love *
Tea Cooper *
Thea Harrison (via Skype)
TM Clark *
Tracey Pedersen
Vanessa Carnevale *
Victoria Purman *
Wanda Wiltshire *

A fantastic ARRC. I enjoyed meeting all the talented authors and the fantastic readers.

More information and photo’s to come

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