Melbourne Author Signing 2023

Wow what a day
A room full of talented, creative fantastic authors, and then all the beautiful reader’s

What a busy day. I left home before sunrise and arrived home after sunset. It is always exciting to travel to the city. And this time it was for the Australian Romance Reader’s Associations’ author signing event in Melbourne. Novotel on Collins Street.
As usual when attending these events, it is a pleasure catching up with other authors and meeting new ones. I got to meet the fabulous Audrey Carlan – she gave me one of her books and signed it for me. Audrey was sitting on the table beside mine. She is so full of energy and always smiling and bubbly. Then only a couple tables down from me was Julia Quinn. Wow. We spoke in-between reader’s coming up to us to sign their books and having photos taken. It was great to meet and greet so many attendees and readers at this year’s event.

If you missed this year’s event – make sure to attend next years.

All the signing authors especially for the Melbourne event, hosted at the Novotel, on Collins Street

MELBOURNE Authors – Alison Stuart – Amber Jakeman – Amy Rose Bennett – Anne Gracie – Audrey Carlan – Bec McMaster – Bethany Bennett – Cassandra O’Leary – Donna Maree Hanson/Dani Kristoff – Grace McGinty – Hellucy Howe – HM Hodgson – Ida Brady – Jacqueline Hayley – Jenna Lee – Jennie Kew – Julia Quinn – Keri Arthur – Leisl Leighton – Liv Arnold – Michelle Montebello – Michelle Somers – MJ Scott – ML Tompsett – Nicola Marsh – Phillipa Nefri Clark – PJ Vye – Rania Battany – Robyn Chalmers – Samantha Marshall – Samara Parish – Sandy Barker – Sarah Jane Duncan – Savannah Blaize – Tanya Nellestein – Taya Rune – TL Hamilton

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