January is here!

Welcome to 2023.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading for 2023

How is your to-be-read pile?
Have you managed to read a good book within the first five days?

Speaking of reading a good book.

This week don’t forget we are celebrating my new release.

Yay me!
My eighth published single book.

Ghost of a Chance in Love.

If you have read the previous two books in the series, you would have come across Laini in both books. This is Laini’s story and what happens when Jax is accused of leaving his family to be with his mistress, and Laini is left for dead. You have to read the book to discover what happens. Missy and Essy are also making an appearance. The book is full of twists and turns and contains action, danger, romance, and drama. Everything you want in a good book to keep you turning the page.
The story begins as a contemporary, moves into a bit of urban fantasy, and back into contemporary settings.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.
Here is the link
Ghost of a Chance in Love https://books2read.com/GhostOfAChanceInLove
.99 cents ebook for a limited-time offer for you, my readers!

Ghost of a chance in love: Second Chance At Love

As a teenager, her life changed forever.
Her parents were murdered, and she went into protective custody. She started a new life, a new name with a new family, and gained a new sister with interesting hidden skills and abilities.
As an adult, Laini Raiker is highly sought after as the editor and reporter for a famous international women’s magazine.
Laini was happy. She had everything in her life—a husband she loved and adored. A precious daughter and to complete their family, a baby on the way until the day she woke up in the hospital looking down at her unconscious body.
With missing memories, Laini is relieved when her sister Essy can see her ghostly form, and together they work to discover why Laini was left for dead.
The only thing–Essy knows Jaxton was in the car with Laini when everything went wrong. Even though the evidence is pointing, Jaxton is with his mistress. Nothing is making sense. Jaxton loves his Laini and his daughter.
Time is of the essence. Can Laini discover the truth in time to locate Jaxton and be reunited with her body? Or is history repeating itself, and the ones who killed her parents are now after her and the ones she loves?
The love for her husband and children are the only thing keeping her going.
A newborn baby cries for his parents. Hearts shatter, and lives are on the line.
Who can you trust?
Order today

The print version of Ghost of a chance in love will be available – in February.
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18th February 2023
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For tickets

More information regarding the tickets

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I hope you all have had a safe, fun-filled, Happy New Year festivities and the beginning of your new year has not left you with the remnants of a little extra bits on your hips.
As for I… I have to kick my butt and become more active. Too many yummy foods over the festive time. Plus, for my own health, I have to look after myself. If I don’t do it, no one else will. So, my aim is to be more active. More walking and lifting some hand weights to amend the damage my left shoulder pain had caused. All my muscle tone is gone in my left arm.

To you all my fabulous reader’s – remember that you are awesome and loved.
May this year be filled with joy, good health, and good books to read.
Enjoy, keep safe and Happy Reading in 2023!

Until next time.

M. L. Tompsett

Insta Bride

The Bodyguard’s Convenient Marriage

Ghost of a Chance in Love

Second Chance at Love Series. All books are standalones.

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