About – M L Tompsett – Author



M. L. Tompsett has been creating worlds to escape to since she was a little girl. Years later M. L. Tompsett is still enjoying her writing in her imaginative make-believe worlds with interesting characters. Finally moving forward to the big wide scary world of publishing.

M. L. Tompsett is married to her childhood sweetheart. They live in Victoria, Australia and have two fully grown extremely talented in their own way – sons.

Over the years, M. L. Tompsett has worn different hats throughout the years, apart from being a full time caring mum and loving wife. M. L. Tompsett has also been a secretary, a football manager, basketball coach, receptionist, managers assistant, mum taxi, business owner, administrator, author and a lover of fine chocolate, ok nearly any type of chocolate, especially milk chocolate covered liquorice. (YUM)

With her first eBook series, out on the digital shelves and in print (softcover).  The second eBook to her first paranormal fantasy series is now available at the usual e-retail outlets. M. L. Tompsett is excited to see something she has been working on for far too long become a reality. 

Business Card

If you would like to contact M. L. Tompsett, go to her contact page or follow her on Facebook.








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