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Conference time

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Welcome to my August blog.

This month I am off to Sydney for the yearly RWA conference. While there I will be catching up with old friends and meeting a lot more.

RWA 2018 Sydney

Plus hopefully learn a thing or two from all the guest speakers.




While staying in Sydney I will also be attending the ARRA event.
34462658_1845410918844937_6597790762815979520_nAnd meeting these beautiful  people. I am looking forward to greeting and meeting such talented women.

My next book to be released – Kept in the Dark of Love and Lust, is still going through the editing process.

The fourth book in my Sex, Lies And Family Secrets, series. – It’s You, is already going through rewrites and a lot more chapters added. So it is main work in progress at the moment.  Getting excited and learning all new things about the characters also.

I better keep on moving. I still have to work out what to pack and what to take… Eek.

Look after yourselves.

Oh, look at the clock, it must be cuppa time.

P.S – My time away will be spent enjoy becoming another year older. Yep, it’s my birthday month.
Happy birthday to all those who celebrate their birthdays in August.

Next book, first shifter exposure.

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June KITDOLAL couple bk cover 1906.jpg

Hello and welcome to my July Blog.

As you can see, the cover of my next book which is due to be released – a shifter paranormal fantasy romance.
I have been busy finding my way back to this book and placing the fourth book of the Sex, Lies And Family Secrets, on hold and complete this little baby.
Until the book is completed and polished, this will be the most I will reveal of the cover of Kept In The Dark Of Love And Lust.
A little story I had started around ten or more years ago now. And it has grown.
I hope you enjoy the story Misty and Branx, in my first shifter book.

What do you do when you discover the imaginary voice in your head is real and the pull and lust you feel towards your client has more meaning behind it than it should?
I hope you enjoy it.

– – – – –

On other news, the box set of my dark one – vampire series is available on Kindle Unlimited for FREE.

Sex, Lies And Family Secrets, series. Box Set 1-2-3

Take a look today.


Next month is going to be big. I will be travelling to Sydney for the annual RWA 2018 conference. And I cannot wait to see all the author friends I have made over the last few years.  Plus while being away, make lot’s of new friends and contacts in the writing industry and learn as much as I can.
Maybe, even find some unknow new book, waiting to be revealed and written.  Flying by plane and other transport, anything is possible while riding a new adventure.

Don’t forget to download my free book, The Guy Next Door, from all good ebook outlets. And leave a review.
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Oh, look at the time – it must be cuppa time.

My first box set.

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3 book set SLFS july 18

Have you had a chance to look over at amazon and read through the preview?
Are you a member of Kindle Unlimited?
Sex, Lies And Family Secrets, series box set 1-2-3 is available in the kindle library and FREE in Kindle Unlimited

Take a look today.

One way to thank the author, you just read.

If you enjoyed the books, leave a review where you purchased – downloaded it.
This will help assist other readers to pick up and download the book.

End of year sales

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BOXSET half yearly sale june2018
Sale through amazon

Today I share with you, my end of year book sale.
Yes, book sale.
This weekend, I will be having my box set reduced for your reading pleasure.

If you would like to see and follow Alexia and Drake, come and join their journey and discover the world of Dark Ones, Witches and Vampires.
And finish with the third book and witness Alex grow into a strong confident woman. Who said the life of a princess is ever easy?

Reviews just coming in…

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YNK 5 star rating

Feeling humble when I start to read the different reviews for my latest book.
You Never Know.
So far with 4 and 5 star ratings, popping up. YNK print ebook small

Thank you, to everyone who has purchased my third book in the series. Big hugs. And especially a big hug and thank you, to those of you, who have taken the time to leave a review where you purchased it.

You might not think, it might not mean much to authors to leave a review after completing one of their books, but it does. It allows the author to know, the reader has taken the time to look at it and download and purchase it. This will help assist other readers to make a choice, not just selecting this book but to also download it, to take the chance and read it. Leaving a review, helps to acknowledge to an author there are people out there who have purchased one of their books and to say thank you to the author for coming up with the idea and words to create a piece of literature for different people to enjoy. And the author will know, to continue to do what they love to do. Create and write.

The more reviews, the more sales, for the author to be able to survive and create the next best seller. Well, maybe buy a cup of coffee, the way ebooks are priced and create the next book in the series. Authors do not make that much money, there is always someone with their hand out, requesting for payment of some kind or another. Ebooks are handy and space saving, but for an author, they do not bring that much money in by the time they the author finally receives their royalty payments. Unless you happen to sell over five hundred books in a day or so, then you might splurge on a three course meal or finish paying for one of the many expenses we incurred – the next book cover – ISBN – editor – advertising, just to name a few.

So when you come to the end of the book, and if you enjoyed reading it, think about leaving a review where you purchased it from, even if it is as little as three words or so – ‘I like it.’ – ‘I enjoyed it.’

The author will appreciate it.

Now it must be cuppa time!


Review by Irshiffywritings

5.0 out of 5 stars

Romance, Action, mystery and family secrets!

This book is a must for vampire action romance fans. The author does a fantastic job of keeping the reader captivated with themes of family dynamics, duty, love, lust, dark secrets and fast paced adrenaline. I adore badass Alex and her gorgeous hubby. The writing definitely give me a Vampire Diaries nostalgia with paranormal vibes. If you’re looking for an epic read with powerful story telling, that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With the added bonus of steamy hot and spicy ‘sex-a’licious’ scenes then you will like this.
I highly recommend!

It is LIVE

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The wait is over.
The third book in the – Sex, Lies And Family Secrets, series is now released and available to download!

You Never Know is live. You can obtain and download a copy at any good e-retailer.

YNK april small 1800X2610
You Never Know – book three

April is here

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Hello everyone and welcome to April!

Have you all survived Easter and all that yummy chocolate?

What has been happening…

My laptop died, causing me to fall behind in my edits, revisions and printed books.

At the moment, I am taking baby steps to upload everything.

If you have an old copy of my first book – The Guy Next Door and would like an updated copy, fingers crossed Amazon will have updates available soon. Otherwise, if you would like a FREE copy of my first book, head on over to Amazon now can download a newly revised edition, today.  Yes, it is now available in all its revised glory.

Oh and my second book – Dark Surprises, will also be available for updates soon with all the additional revisions made.

Speaking of books…

The third book – You Never Know is on its way to hitting the digital shelves. Keep an eye out for it. (Finally!)

Enjoy the rest of April and keep warm!

Your little typist.        –  M L Tompsett