I am back!

Yes, I am. What am I speaking of? Back at the end of August I had pain in my back. My asthma was beginning to play up and it was a Friday evening. During the night the pain increased, in my back and circled around to my chest. Breathing was painful. I went to the [...]

Do you prefer print books?

How many times have you discovered a fantastic book to read, only for it to be an ebook? For Australian readers only I have my own order form, which will entitle you to an signed print book.For readers in other countries, there are many online print book stores. Type in M L Tompsett in their [...]

Do you use Kindle Unlimited?

In all my years of using my kindle, I have not used Kindle Unlimited. Do you use it? What do you think? At the moment I have four books in Kindle Unlimited. I'm trying it out as an author. Time will tell if I will continue with it or not. Here are my four ebooks. [...]

Happy 4th July

I am excited to say, my book baby is LIVE. Yes live and available at Amazon stores! Insta Bride It's fun to see amazon email you, to let you know that - preorder - ebook is now available. For a short time only, Insta Bride, is still .99 cents. Be fast. Time is running out [...]

July has started

This week has been a busy one. Plus, I have also been lucky to appear in the local paper! Don't forget, Insta Bride, is finally released to the public on all Amazon platforms. Keep an eye out for the print version also. Don't forget, writing can help in your mental state. Instead of bottling your [...]

July 1st is here!

Welcome to the second half of the year. It will be interesting to see how this half will turn out! My book baby is nearly here.Insta Bride - my contemporary romance is .99 cents until the 4th July. Then it goes to full price! Secrets, lies, love, and revenge. Slide between the pages and submerge [...]

End of June

Can you believe the end of June is here!The Covid-19 numbers increase, and sadly so does the death toll. Please, everyone, keep your distance. Wash your hands. If you are not feeling well, have yourself tested.I have been busy with the finishing touches to my new book baby and the cover. Insta Bride. Contemporary Romance. [...]

May is here

1st may, 2020 Hello everyone. The first of May has arrived and with it freezing cold wet windy weather. If I didn't know what Season it was I would think it Winter. How is everyone handling the Covid-19 episode? My state is still in a lock down. People are finally backing off and allowing the [...]

Do you enjoy reading ebooks?

Hello everyone,Some of us are already house bound, because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) whether you are self isolated or medically isolated, or just not able to get out of the house.If you are able to read and enjoy ebooks, I am here to whisper in your ear - I belong to a brand new group [...]

Author signing complete for another year!

A few pictures of the ARRA a-romantic-rendezvous—Melbourne—author-book-signing, 2020 With numbers down, I did not get to see as many smiling eager faces as I had the year before. But the weather was better!I also had a sign-up sheet to my newsletter for anyone to enter for the chance to win a merchandise prize.Congratulations to Jessica.I [...]