April is here!

How has this year gone so fast?

How are you all going so far?

Easter is just around the corner. School holidays have started. I’m busy editing my latest book. Fingers crossed it will be released very soon.

At the beginning of the year I come down with covid. I was triple vaccinated. Symptoms still remain in one way or the other. The cough sounds as if I have a smokers cough. My ankle still hurts in the joint and surrounding area when I walk a certain way.

Brain fog is real people. Memory flies out the window. Your thoughts are not the same as they once were.

What have you notice after contracting covid? Have you had any symptoms which continued? Changed your life?

Still working on my blurb for my next book –

The bodyguard’s convenient marriage.

Too busy for love. Family curse or just bad luck. A woman scorned is deadly.

Three rules to stand by:

Business and pleasure should not be mixed.

Don’t get involved with a client.

Don’t get married.

Never one for relationships, hard-working retired-FBI agent Essy Raiker has made it her business to abide by the rules in her bodyguard business. She preferred her work protecting people until the day Declyn Bianchi hired her, and everything changed.

Rules… what rules!

Instead of delivering important news to her estranged husband, she comes face to face with her husband’s identical twin–and, like usual, Leo Bianchi is in trouble with a target on his back, and running from assassins.

More than bullets fly hot and fast when Essy has a second chance to win Dekk’s heart and love. Unexpected enemies emerge, endangering what Essy loves most. She will stop at nothing to save her family and have them back where they belong.

Declyn Bianchi is fed up–with his high society family controlling his life–and his trouble-seeking identical twin. Life has been less than idyllic. Dekk’s prayers were answered in the form of a sinful-looking body—his new bodyguard, Essy Raiker, to protect him from poaching females and business enemies.

He turns to Essy when a family curse hovers dangerously over his and his twin’s heads. His love for her increases when she accepts his proposal of a marriage of convenience before she leaves for her next assignment.

Free from the family curse, Dekk must face reality when the family he thought he could trust betrayed him the most.

Will he have the chance to tell Essy he loves her and win her heart before it is too late?

 Discover who is behind the assassination attacks against the Bianchi family and see if the passion will burn deep in this second chance story at love.

Not all secrets remain dead and buried.

What do you think of my blurb?

I will be preparing the pre-order link soon.

On another note, the talented author Michelle Montebello has her latest book being released today.
Take a look and take advantage of the special .99 cent price. Will not last long at that special price.

Universal book link: https://books2read.com/SummerofEverything

The Summer of Everything: Seasons of Belle: Book 1


Note: This book is a rewrite and rebrand of former book INTERWOVEN. Please take this into consideration before purchasing. This new version includes some plot changes.

For twenty years, Belle Hamilton has waited patiently for her partner Ben to propose. When he drops a spectacular bombshell on their relationship, everything she holds dear crumbles around her.

With her life in tatters, she packs her bags and heads to Europe, finding her way to the cobbled streets of Rome.

There she develops an unexpected relationship with Italian bartender Andre, while discovering that happiness can be found and dreams can come true, if she follows her heart.

But it’s not all smooth sailing for these star-crossed lovers. Past hurts and cultural expectations are a stubborn foe and what has always seemed so perfect between them may prove to be their ultimate undoing.

Another talented author with a new book out at the special price of .99 cents.

Amy Andrews

Rom-com featuring –

🥰 Grumpy hero

🥰 Unimpressed heroine

🥰Enemies to lovers

🥰Forced proximity

🥰Opposites attract

🥰Lots and lots of bunnies

🥰LOL moments

🥰Inventive ways of getting around a no-kissing contract!


Marshall Dyson wants one thing and one thing only: to raze his grandfather’s island to the ground. Everything is ready to go—except for the freakin’ bunnies! Hundreds of the furry critters hopping about and multiplying before his eyes. And then there’s the American Bunny League, along with one distractingly beautiful veterinarian, taking him to court to save them…

Dr. Augusta “Gus” North can’t believe the grumpy—and annoyingly hot—builder she’s facing in court cares more about demo-ing some cabin than the lives of 200 bunnies. But when the judge orders Marshall to stay on the island and help her rehome the rabbits—the entire month—she knows they’re going to need to lay some ground rules.

Like, for example, absolutely no kissing. Might as well go ahead and get that in writing. Sure it’s on a napkin, but that still counts.

How hard could it be to keep their hands off each other amidst all the fighting? Surprisingly, harder than wrangling 200 bunnies…

The kissing contract – universal link.

Don’t forget my contemporary romance –

Insta Bride is still available on KU.


Well look at the time… It must be cuppa time then lunch!

Until next time, enjoy your cuppa and happy reading.

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