New Release

It is live!

My new book – The bodyguard’s convenient marriage is now live.

The book is available on Kindle Unlimited at Amazon.

For a short time special offer, the ebook is .99 cents for a another day.

Be quick and download your copy today.

Too busy for love. A woman scorned is deadly.

Three rules to stand by:
Don’t mix business and pleasure.
Don’t get involved with a client.
Don’t get married.

Never one for relationships, hard-working retired-FBI agent Essy Raiker has made it her business to follow her rules. Her priority in life is – to be the best and keep yourself and your client safe. Complete your contract. Don’t get attached. That is until the day Declyn Bianchi hired her, and everything changed.

Rules… what rules!

More than bullets fly hot and fast when Essy faces her estranged husband.
Essy will stop at nothing when unexpected enemies emerge.
Can Essy overcome her pride, exposing her heart to win Dekk’s love, or has he replaced her with the blonde at his side?

Declyn Bianchi is fed up–with his high society family controlling his life–including his trouble-seeking identical twin. Dekk’s prayers were answered in the form of a sinful-looking body—his new bodyguard, Essy Raiker. She’s perfect at protection, in every way, especially from poaching females and disgruntled business associates.
With a family curse hovering dangerously over his head, Dekk turns to Essy for help.
Free from the so-called curse, Dekk must face reality when the family he thought he could trust betrayed him the most.

Protecting himself from heartbreak, can Dekk reveal his feelings to Essy?
Who is behind the attacks against the Bianchi family?
Will passion burn deep in this second chance story at love?

Not all secrets remain dead and buried.

HEA is included, but, make sure to have the tissues handy.

The second book in the Second Chance At Love, series. All standalone books.

Ghost of a chance in love

3rd book

As a teenager, her life changed forever.
Her parents were murdered, and she went into protective custody. Started a new life, a new name, new family and gained a new sister with interesting skills and abilities.
As an adult, Laini Raiker is highly sought after as the editor and reporter for a popular international women’s magazine.
Laini was happy. Had everything in her life. A husband she loves and adores. A precious daughter and to complete their family a baby on the way until the day she woke up in the hospital looking down at her unconscious body.
With missing memories, Laini is relieved when her sister Essy can see her ghostly form and together they work together to discover how Laini ended up in hospital.
The only thing–Essy knows Jaxton was in the car with Laini when everything went wrong. Even though the evidence is pointing, Jaxton is with his mistress. Nothing is making sense. Jaxton loves his Laini and his daughter.
Time is of the essence. Can Laini discover the truth in time to locate Jaxton and be reunited with her body? Or is history repeating itself and the ones who killed her parents are now after her and the ones she loves?
A newborn baby cries for his parents. Hearts shatter and lives are on the line.
Who can you trust?

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