November is here

How is everyone?

The weather is heating up – finally. But, many places are still going through the devasting with the last lot of floods.

This Summer will be interesting to see what happens. Will we have a draught Summer?

On other news I am busy working on Laini’s Story.

There are some major twists and turns and a plot explosion you never saw coming. I cannot wait until it is released so all you gorgeous people can read it!

Now back to this blog…

A new sun filled Tuesday has arrived.

Do you have today’s reading sorted.

Here’s my universal links to get you started.

My books are available as – ebooks, print books, and now audiobooks on GooglePlay books.

Enjoy these – Action packed, passion, drama, mystery, bodyguard, surprise baby, billionaire, playboy, dark ones, shifters, vampires, witches, oh my, books today! 🔥😘💋

Genres: contemporary romance, paranormal fantasy, and urban fantasy.

Insta Bride –

The Bodyguard’s Convenient Marriage –

Ghost of a Chance in Love –

.99 cents on pre-order! Only as an ebook

After a bit of bite to your reading…

It’s You –

Also available as an audible book on GooglePlay

The Guy Next Door: – Available FREE on most digital ebook outlets

Dark Surprises:

You Never Know:

A bit of urban fantasy – Kept in the Dark of Love and Lust:






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#BookReview welcome

Ghost of a chance in love

As a teenager, her life changed forever.
Her parents were murdered, and she was taken into protective custody.
Started a new life, a new name, new family and gained a new sister with interesting skills and abilities.
As an adult, Laini Raiker is highly sought after as the editor and reporter for a popular international women’s magazine.
Laini was happy. Had everything in her life. A husband she loves and adores. A precious daughter and to complete their family a baby on the way until the day she woke up in the hospital looking down at her unconscious body.
With missing memories, Laini is relieved when her sister Essy can see her ghostly form and together they work to discover how Laini ended up in hospital.
The only thing–Essy knows Jaxton was in the car with Laini when everything went wrong. Even though the evidence is pointing, Jaxton is with his mistress. Nothing is making sense. Jaxton loves Laini and his daughter.
Time is of the essence. Can Laini discover the truth in time to locate Jaxton and be reunited with her body? Or is history repeating itself and the ones who killed her birth parents are now after her and the ones she loves?
A newborn baby cries for his parents. Hearts shatter and lives are on the line.
Who can you trust?

The 3rd book in the Second Chance At Love, series. All standalone books.

Pre-order Amazon Universal link

Enjoy your Tuesday

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