Shifter Romance

Kept in the dark of lies and deceit


Kept in the Dark of Love and Lust

Hard working city girl, Misty Statesly travels to a coastal town in Victoria to save her job from sabotage and hopefully win over her new clients from a sleazy work colleague. The feeling of déjà vu fills Misty when she runs into a gorgeous guy in the town’s supermarket, and it happens again when she meets her new client – Braven O’Geary. Braven is mesmerised by the mark on the inside of Misty’s thigh when they find themselves in a compromising position. A matching mark he had given his soul mate whom he was led to believe had died in a car accident with her parents, some sixteen years earlier. When Misty discovers she has lost memories, and the sexy as sin guy in front of her is not only her client, but also her soul mate and husband. Yeah, crazy, just does not come close enough to what Misty is feeling. Can Braven and Misty outwit the cat shifter clan and survive the evil plot his ex-fiancé and the Alpha have orchestrated? Will Misty regain her lost childhood memories, and fight for the man she loves, embracing her new strange world or will she die this time for real?

Kept in the dark of lies and deceit

Malisty’s journey into the unknown with Xavier by her side. Will they make it out alive with their memories, or will they be forever in the dark with no memory of who they really are. Can Braven arrive in time to save his wife and best friend or will he lose them both to a power hungry villain determine to create a super race of shifters who does not care who dies as long as he creates his ultimate killing machine.

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