My journey is now heading towards audio books

Hello everyone,

What a hectic couple of weeks.

The Queen of England passed away. The worldwide coverage of her funeral.

Busy with different clients and creating their digital files for their print and ebooks. Plus, also attempting to add words to my own WIP’s.
Then there is the audio side of things.

This week has also seen the release of my 4th book in the Sex, Lies and Family Secrets, series – It’s You, became an audio book! Yes, and audio book. Currently it is only on GooglePlay store – audio books.

Turning all of my published books into audio will be a slow process. But I will get there. Next will be my contemporary – Insta Bride, followed by the other works in the vampire series, and then my urban fantasy – Kept in the Dark of Love and Lust.

The only reason why I am leaning towards audio in GooglePlay, it is something I can do for myself. As an indie author I would like to keep control of my books.

It’s You

Fate has a funny way of interfering in one’s paranormal life. From the day I was born, I was predestined to be the next Queen of Darshia — me, Princess Alley Smithlyn. The catch is I’m now betrothed to some Dark One prince from another kingdom. If I don’t find my soul mate by my twenty-fifth birthday, I’ll be walking down the aisle with this prince to prevent war between our two kingdoms. I thought I’d discovered not one, but two soul mates while competing at the paranormal games until assassins swarmed the venue, capturing and slaughtering paranormals, especially those of royal blood. Determined to survive, I managed to escape back to Darshia, and thanks to fate, my life was changed forever. With a small child to care for and my betrothed arriving for our engagement party, all seems lost — until a handsome ghost from my past arrives. Can a man I once loved with all my heart save me, or am I destined to continue to live in a world of lies with the wrong man? The life of a princess is never easy… but I must survive at all costs and protect not only my daughter but also my heart if I’m going to be the next Queen of Silver. It’s You – This is the fourth book, in the Sex, Lies and Family Secrets, series.

My contemporary – Insta Bride is available wide! Yes, it is. The ebook is available at all good ebooks store.

Missy wants passion and no strings. Adrian is looking for love. Can love work or will their past pull them apart?

Secrets, lies, love, and revenge.

Slide between the pages and submerge yourself in this sexy, contemporary romance.

The CEO and owner of Jamés Advertising, Missy Jamés, has worked hard to become the best and successfully wealthy. Avoiding men since her last failed relationship with a money-hungry cheating ex, she’s determined to keep men at arm’s length.

Celebrating the completion of a lucrative business deal, she contemplates letting her hair down in Vegas. After all, what happens there stays there, right?

Introducing herself as Oliviér, Missy meets the sexy Tanner Steel. Fingers crossed he’ll live up to her expectations and fulfill all her fantasies. Can she trust him with her body and enjoy a no-strings night of passion?

Adrian Steele, known as Tanner to his friends, despises his “New York’s, most eligible billionaire playboy” title and travels to Vegas to celebrate his friend’s buck’s party and meets the beautiful Oliviér.

Could she be the one the woman he can trust with his heart? Or will Oliviér be like all the other social climbing, females who grace his bed?

Thanks to his friends, Tanner’s secret lifestyle is revealed, causing Oliviér to turn her back on the one man she thought she could trust. The question is…can Tanner reach Oliviér in time, or will he be too late and lose her forever?

A Billionaire – Secret baby – Revenge – Second chance – Novella.

One wants their fantasies fulfilled, as for the other – they require a date for a wedding.

In other news, The Bodyguard’s Convenient Marriage will be leaving Kindle Unlimited soon. If you haven’t already read it there be quick. By the end of the month – The bodyguard’s convenient marriage will be going wide and will be available at all good ebook stores.

It is that time of the day. Time for a cuppa.

Make sure to keep safe.

Read a book and leave a review.

M. L. Tompsett

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