October is here!

Wow. Is it just me, or has the year progressed a little fast this year…

Ok. I am home, back to the colder weather. My knees are already informing me to move to a warmer climate! I agree with them.

I have been off and about travelling in the warmer state of Queensland. Yep. The land of the warmer sunshine! I think someone better remind Mother Nature of that quote.

We had a lot of overcast weather. Rain. Sunshine. A few hot days, did I mention the rain? Yes, we had a lot of rain for more than half our trip.

I ended up rolling my ankle of all things, walking as you do. Nothing out of the ordinary, and I managed to roll my ankle! The swelling and bruising came out. My foot still has bruising.

I managed to write one contemporary. I started on another. Made edits to the first one—a few added words to a couple of other WIP’s. And I also managed to work on a couple of client’s digital files for their fantastic book baby’s!

There were times where I had no phone signal at all. No tv reception. I went gold panning and discovered gold! Only tiny little specks, but I found gold until I lost them.

I also went to a sapphire mine. I did some sorting with wash (known as a pile of rocks with any luck with sapphires in it.) Found a few sapphires, but nothing big enough to retire. Only little things not worth very much. (Bugger) But it was fun.

I went to a crocodile farm and did the tour.

Stayed where cassowaries live and roam. Still did not see any.

In one place, instead of seeing a croc where we had our campsite, a shark came right up to the shore. Yep, a shark. It was chasing fish.

I caught up with friends and family along the way. One of them being my old school friend. We had met way back when we were ten years old.

Checked out the Bundaberg Rum distillery. Did the tour. Met the Bundy bear. And yes tried the rum while there. I prefer the spiced rum.

I missed seeing the turtles and their babies—the wrong time of the year.

Drove through a lot of road works.

Visited a free zoo. That was fun.

Saw a man-made crystal cave. I even got to crack a geode. Lovely displays of all sorts of crystals from around the world and many fossils.

I went to the place where people from all around the world and Australia form and make rock piles. And yes, I made a rock pile!

I went on the Cairns sky rail and caught the old train back again, learning all about when the train line was constructed.

Slowly drove through hundreds of head of cattle while grazing along the road where the grass was still growing – otherwise, the area was dry and dusty. Grass in the paddocks was scarce.

I managed to do many things, see many more. Witness the country from lush and green to dry, desert and dry.

It has been a fantastic time away. There are many places I would love to visit again and others I would pass and go somewhere else.

If you have the chance to leave your house and travel, or even a day trip, do it.

Now, as the end of the month is almost here, what are you planning for Halloween?

I would prefer to have two completed contemporary books by then…fingers crossed.

Wherever you might be, please keep safe.

Until next time.

M. L. Tompsett – author.

A few pics of my travels.

Make sure to keep an eye out for my next book!

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