Happy Easter, everyone.

How is your weekend going so far?

The sun is shining. I’m behind the computer busy working. The washing machine is busy doing its thing. The kettle is back on and the toaster is about to pop with my next cooked hot cross bun!
You can never have too many hot cross buns, especially with real soft butter.

Have you had the chance to read Insta Bride?

It’s available in all amazon stores as an ebook. The print book is available at all good online bookstores. https://books2read.com/u/bwveVe.

Insta Bride

“You need to get laid,” my best friend says just as I take a large mouthful of scotch.

Shocked and embarrassed by his comments, instead of the smooth alcohol sliding down my throat, it spurts out, burning my nostrils and spraying across the bar.

I cover my mouth and stinging nose. Holy apple jacks—the burning pain.

My not so cheeky friend bursts out laughing at my predicament. Not funny, Neil. It bloody hurts!

Swallowing the remaining spirits in my mouth to take a needed breath, only to discover the all-holy alcohol Gods have not finished with me yet. Oh, no—the burning sensation of the smoky caramel with pear and citrus-flavored liquid travels down the wrong hole, and I began choking.

Holy crunch apples—My eyes bulge as I gasp for air. Oh, apple jacks, I begin to panic with another failed attempt to breathe as my lungs fail to function. If I don’t die, I’ll be amazed!

Neil hits my back as I fight to breathe.

Gray spots linger as I manage to suck in a spluttered breath. Oh, crunch apples. My nose, throat, and lungs hurt.

“Ah, shit,” I hear my so-called friend murmur.

“Sorry, Missy. Are you okay?” Is he kidding me right now?

I continue to wheeze around each painful cough while my friend repeatedly thumps against my back, and I dodge the next bone-jarring whack.

Cheeze burga. I’ll give him, ‘Are you okay?’

My sinus cavities and chest burn from the spirits—I now know how to clean my sinuses, and I don’t recommend it.

I reach for a napkin off the bar and wipe my face and watering eyes. Thank God for waterproof make-up.

As soon as I have my coughing under control and air back in my lungs, my graying vision goes from blurry to nearly normal, and I notice the glass of water before me.

After several sips of water, my throat improves. A sigh escapes when I manage to breathe in without coughing out a lung. I glance up and notice the annoyed, sexy bartender staring straight at me.

Sorry, I mouth as I reach for another napkin and begin mopping up the small puddles of scotch.

What a waste of good liquor!

“Geez, Neil, say it louder, why don’t you,” I rasp on a shaky breath. “Just for that, you are no longer my friend.”

I give my best friend I love with all my heart the evil eye and slowly force air back into my lungs.

“Come on, Princess, I’m serious. I am more than your best friend, and you know it. Anyway, when was the last time you got busy between the sheets?” He attempts to whack my back again, and I dodge his outstretched hand. “Any sheets, for that matter?”

I cringe at his words. Why do eligible men seem to place me in the friend zone, use me, or run the other way?

I carefully wipe my face one more time, paying a little more attention to my burning nostrils, and eye my best friend up and down. All sexy six-foot-three hunk of muscle, with his short dark hair, chiseled jaw with a dimple, and Kingsman suit… and he bats for the other team.

The carefree, fun-loving, annoying man has probably had more action in the last week than I have in the past year or more.

With my eyesight back to normal, I continue admiring his body. If only I could persuade Neil to turn Bi.

With my raspy breathing under control and payback in mind, I wait for him to take another mouthful of scotch. Then, with a cheeky smile and a fluttering of my eyelashes, I innocently mumble, “Can’t you close your eyes and do me from behind?”

Neil bursts out laughing between half swallowing and half spitting his drink out, just missing me.

He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and shakes his head. “Oh, Princess, you might have a fine ass, but girl, no offense, I would never tap you.”

I frown at his hurtful words and force my chin up, knowing I should not take his comments personally.

He places his empty glass on the bar’s surface, gently reaches for my hand and sighs. “Look, Princess, if I tried tapping your ass with my granite long cock, it would melt quicker than soft-serve ice cream on a thirty-eight-degree Summer’s day in Sydney.”

“Thanks a bunch,” I grumble, yanking my hand free and turning my back to him, unsure whether to feel relieved or insulted. “You know, I could have had Laini meet me here,” I innocently mutter, knowing full well, whenever Laini, my old college friend, and I get together, trouble follows.

“No,” he barks. Here we go. Mr. High and Mighty. “I put my foot down, Missy.” My eyes roll and I smirk. “I will not spring you from lock-up again. You and Laini together are nothing but trouble.” Yeah. Well, I will not dispute that. It’s not our fault men act stupid around us. Laini’s due to arrive in Vegas tomorrow night for an author’s conference and a book signing. I was hoping to catch up with her for a few hours. It will be great to see her happy smiling face again. “Has she told her family that she’s a published author yet?”

My female bestie is a successful fiction author. At least she writes under a pseudonym. Her family will have a stroke when they discover little Laini is a famous published romance author. I throw my head back and laugh, visualizing her parent’s faces if they knew. “Nope.” This is one secret we’ve kept to ourselves.

If these short snippets have you eager for more – download Insta Bride using the universal link.

I hope you all have a fabulous and safe Easter with family and friends. Don’t over eat. But, remember to enjoy yourself.

Until next time.

Keep safe and look after yourselves.

M. L. Tompsett

 A few other ebooks – I am not recommending, just passing on the book and link for you to make up your own mind. Most are free ebooks. Amazon-Kindle.

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