May is here!

Hello everyone.
I hope you are keeping well.

As yet, I have not been able to receive the covid vaccine. First, I was not in the correct category to be eligible. Now it seems to be something else preventing me from getting the jab. A month ago, I had the flu vax. And as I type, I am recovering from a nasty bout of the dreaded germs and viruses which are going around. At first, I had managed to dodge it at each turn, but… it seems to wear me down finally, and now I am bed-bound.

I have completed the first draft to The bodyguard’s convenient marriage. Now for the edits to take place, then more revisions and then more edits.

I have finally added more words to Kept in the Dark of love and deceit. All going well over this weekend I will add more words to What you Know.

At one point I had been busy thinking of a new design for a coffee mug and new bookmark! I am still creating different designs. It does not help when my program saves over the original. But there are other designs on the board.

They say it is meant to be one of the coldest days today! What is the weather where you are?

It is cold where I am, but I am also snug in my bed.

I recently had a sale for It’s You. Did you manage to grab a copy at the reduced price? Google store still have a May sale. Be quick.
Amazon Kobo

And also to all the fabulous people who are in the role of mother in a child’s life. I hope you managed to have a wonderful Mother’s Day.
Happy Mother’s Day.

Well, look at the time, I would say it is cuppa time!

Make sure to look after yourselves. Keep warm, safe and stay healthy.

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