October is here

The year is sailing fast and not long now until the end of the year appears.

What am I currently doing? Writing, more writing and creating digital files for clients.

With audio books and writing taking up much of my time, have you stopped to give any thought when writing the common mistakes people make – do you make them?

Take a look at the following: –

  • A Weak Introduction. For the reader first impressions are everything. If they do not like what they see the reader will close the book and move onto the next one.
  • Too Much Backstory. Ok, how many of us are guilty of adding too much back story. Some backstory is good. It helps introduce your character. But, too much no so good.
  • Lack of Research on the genre you are writing. Oops. Nothing worse while you are reading and notice mistakes – the wrong decade, or century. Clothing, devices, speech, music, vehicles, and weapons.  
  • Read more books in the genre you are writing. Discover all you can. How many hidden sub-genres are there in a book. How many tropes?
  • A Weak Plot. Well…it happens far too often. There might be plenty of action. Maybe plenty of drama as well, but what about the plot. Why are the character heading to where they are meant to be? Why are the characters in your story in the first place?
  • Telling, Not Showing. Yes, I can be guilty of this one. When I write the first draft – you quickly add everything while the iron is hot. So when you have completed the manuscript you can swap, cut and add scenes, chapters to your book. Turn the wording into what they should be.
  • Avoid incorrect use of commas. I either use too many or not enough – love – hate relationship.
  • Know how to set out your manuscript – characters, setting, plot, conflict, resolution, tone, point of view (POV), and writing style. Does your manuscript contain all of these? What type of genre are you writing in for the plot, exposition, foreshadowing, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution to come together.
  • Which setting is your protagonist POV?
    • First-person.
    • Second-person.
    • Third-person omniscient.
    • Third-person limited.
    • Third-person objective.

Don’t forget you do not chop and change POV through a book. If you have multiple characters keep them all the same POV.

  • Withhold information from your readers. Remember when writing fiction, only give readers the information they need to know in the moment. You need the avid reader to continue turning pages until the end. If you give them all the information too soon, then the reader will place the book down. Give them something to continue reading.  The little snippets of information you give allows them to use their imagination to fill in the blanks

Hopefully some of these tips assist you on your writing journey.

Now – allow those creative juices to flow, and your fingers fly over the keys.

Oh, my look at the time.

It’s cuppa time.

Keep safe everyone

Until next time.

P.S. One of my latest reviews I received has made my day!
A 5 star review for The Bodyguard’s Convenient Marriage.

I LOVE seeing a well-written kick-ass female lead and Essy totally fits the bill. The action is pretty much non-stop and as cleverly written as the attraction between Essy and Dekk. Essy’s sister and BIL add some great supporting characters and the will-they/won’t-they resolves in a super satisfying HEA. I couldn’t have asked for more! Definitely pick this up if you want a book, you can’t put down and a few happy tears. ~ Amazon review.

Interested to see what this book is about, grab your copy and enjoy the humor, action, drama, sister love, and a brother-in-law you want to strangle with your bare hands with page turner book.

The bodyguard’s Convenient Marriage.


Available wide at all good ebook stores, and now in audio via GooglePlay books.

Available at all good online stores

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