To create or not to create

Are you a writer and debate if to create your own digital files. Do you know how to? Do you know where to start?

Many years ago, now, I once used to create my digital files in word. Yes, in word doc. Many years later and a lot of hard work, I now use a software package to make my files look as professional as possible.

The types of software you can now purchase, and use are:-



Just to name two.

The Atticus, software now has the editing software ProWriting Aid incorporated, making it better for any typos and spelling mistakes to be amended

Vellum is similar, as they have the editing software Grammarly.

With Atticus you can finished writing your book on another program, or you can start formatting previous works, with no problem! Just import your work with a couple of clicks.

Then you can either keep writing, or begin turning your book into a beautifully formatted work of art.

Use one of their templates or design your own custom theme to create a unique look for your book.

  • 17 templates
  • 1200+ Unique combinations
  • Custom theme builder

Atticus can be used on different computers – Windows, Macs etc.

The draw back from Vellum, you will require a Mac computer to use it. Unless you use it as a cloud base program. So, you’ll need t sing up for a MacinCloud account and run a virtual Mac to run your Vellum program. Vellum relies on tools supplied by Amazon to convert your Kindle.epub file to a file. As long as Amazon maintains these tools, Vellum will continue to offer this option.
Vellum is a publication application for macOS that makes it easy to design a beautiful ebook for multiple digital stores in one simple package.

Create ebooks for every platform: Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books, and more. Each specialized file can guide readers to buy your next book in their favorite store.

Completed a series? Combine everything into a box set in just a few steps.


Choose your trim size, and Vellum does the rest, with automatic setup of margins, page numbers, and headers and footers.

Vellum even handles complex tasks like widow-handling and spread-balancing, giving you a professional result every time you generate.


Import your manuscript and Vellum builds everything for your book, including a Title Page and Table of Contents. Need to add a Copyright page or backmatter? You can do that right in Vellum. Browse through Vellum’s Book Styles to find the best match for your book. As you do so, Vellum applies your selection to every chapter (even if you add new ones). Use Vellum’s Preview to see how your ebook will appear on a range of devices, and to see how your book will look in print. The Preview updates instantly and with every edit. When you’re happy with your book, generate ebooks and your print edition, all at once. Every edition stays in sync, even when you need to make changes. Need to fix a typo? Add new backmatter? Return to Vellum whenever you need to update your book; you’ll have a new set of files in seconds.

Both software packages have their pro’s and con’s.

My suggestion is to have a play, use their free trial and go from there, if you have more questions click on their weblink and read all about the software.

If you do not want overhead cost and time spending creating your files, I also create digital files for all my happy and satisfied clients.

Happy designing.

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