ARRA 2019 Melbourne



Some information regarding the ARRA 2019 Melbourne event.
In 2019 ARRA will be hosting our first multi-city, multi-author Romantic Rendezvous series. These events will be held on two consecutive weekends in March 2019:
Brisbane, Saturday 23 March
Sydney, Sunday 24 March
Melbourne, Saturday 30 March
Each event will be a full-day signing, and we will be organising special member-only activities at each event as well.
Our two special guest authors at the event are Sherrilyn Kenyon and Celeste Bradley.


Attending Authors for Melbourne –

Alyssa J Montgomery/Alyssa James
Bec McMaster
Celeste Bradley
Charlotte Nash
Emilia Finn
Fiona Miers/Tamsin Baker
Jane Hinchey
Jennie Kew
Keri Arthur
Khloe Wren
Megan Lowe
Megan Mayfair
Michelle Somers
MJ Scott/Emma Douglas/Melanie Scott
ML Tompsett
Nalini Singh
Nicola Marsh
Nicole Hurley-Moore
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Tanya Kean
Tracey Pedersen


Tressure Hunt time!

For ARRA reader member’s

Each event will be a full-day signing, and we will also be organising special member-only activities at each event.
So far we have more than 60 authors signing at the events—and some will sign at more than one city.
Tickets for the event will go on sale in October, but today we are launching our special online Treasure Hunt with the opportunity for readers to win one of three VIP tickets to our Romantic Rendezvous events.

All you need to do is find our button (shown right) on the websites or blogs of the authors marked with an asterisk below, click the symbol and then send the email to us. Each participating author has a unique code number, so you can enter once for every code you find. But don’t expect it to be easy to find them all—it is a treasure hunt after all.
The button is linked to an email command—when you click on it an email should open in your email program with an author code pre-filled in the subject line. If you don’t have your email program linked, you can hover over the button to see the code and then email us at, including the words “Treasure Hunt” AND the code number in the subject line.
The Treasure Hunt will close at 5.00 pm on Sunday 30 September.
For full Terms and conditions click on over to the ARRA website for details.
Here’s the list of authors who will be at one or more of the Romantic Rendezvous (with those taking part in the treasure hunt competition marked with an asterisk):
AL Simpson *
Alyssa J Montgomery/Alyssa James *
Amanda Knight *
Ann B Harrison *
Anne Gracie *
Avril Tremayne *
Bec McMaster
Beth Prentice *
Bronwyn Parry *
Catherine Evans/Cate Ellink *
Cathleen Ross
Cathryn Hein *
Celeste Bradley *
Charlotte Nash *
Dani Kristoff / Donna Maree Hanson
Diane Demetre *
Ebony Olson *
Elizabeth Ellen Carter *
Emilia Finn
Emma James
Fiona McArthur *
Fiona Miers / Tamsin Baker
Helene Young *
Jane Hinchey *
Jasmina Siderovski *
JC Harroway
Jennie Kew *
JM Adele *
Jodi Perry/JL Perry
Kandy Shepherd
Karen Deen *
Kelly Hunter *
Kendall Talbot/Kitty Kendall *
Keri Arthur *
Khloe Wren *
Larna Kleinschmidt *
Lee Christine
Leesa Bow *
Lexxie Couper *
Louise Forster
Maddison Michaels *
Maggie Nash *
MC D’alton
Megan Lowe *
Megan Mayfair *
Michelle Montebello *
Michelle Somers *
MJ Scott/Emma Douglas/Melanie Scott *
ML Tompsett *
MV Ellis *
Nalini Singh
Nicola Marsh *
Nicole Hurley-Moore *
Noelle Clark *
Penelope Janu
R Linda
Renee Dahlia
Sarah Williams *
SE Gilchrist *
Shandi Boyes
Shannon Curtis *
Sherrilyn Kenyon *
Susanne Bellamy *
Suzi Love *
Tania Joyce *
Tanya Kean
Tea Cooper *
TM Clark *
Tracey Pedersen *
Tracy Brenton *