Sunday blog.

What has been happening?

After a busy few days, and broken links for my latest newsletter, I have finally sent one out!

Here is the link to my latest newsletter

In other news… We have had some beautiful weather. Enjoyed a day out with friends at the local picnic races. Caught up many other people I have not seen for ages.

Even had a bet or ten on the horses.

Still writing and editing. Debating how to write one of the scenes for my female protagonist. The poor girl woke up in a hospital only to discover her body is in a coma. The book I am editing is for her sister who just happens to be a bodyguard. Then there is a brand new paranormal shifter story I have started, and two other paranormal books I should have completed a long time ago! My brain keeps on moving forward without contemplating the old. The joys of writing.

Don’t forget the Cyber Monday Sales!

So many books to pick from.

Keep safe

Big hugs to you all.

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