Make time for yourself

Hello everyone.

At the moment I am taking time out for myself.

Everyone needs to take some time for themselves. Not just for your body but also that of your mind.

Mental health is important for everyone. Don’t burn yourself out. It is not worth it.

Take time out this weekend and relax. Read a book. Most likely you have several books in your book pile waiting to be read. While the sunshine is out, take advantage and enjoy it.

I am currently reading a book which belongs to a series I started reading several years ago. This book is a new one to the authors series. Both feet in the grave. By Jeaniene Frost. I love reading A Night Huntress series.

What are you reading this weekend?

A few free ebooks – at the time this blog page was created. In no way or means am I endorsing them. Just something for you to debate about selecting and reading.

Hunt by Rachel Vincent

Or maybe an audio book

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