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eBook Launch: Sex, Lies And Family Secrets – The Guy Next Door

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My eBook has finally arrived on the digital shelves at

A review from  E. Flemetakis, from Victoria, Australia

“The Guy Next Door is a riveting, captivating read with many twists and turns around every corner. Steamy sex scenes, hidden truths/lies and suspense, what more could you want!”



Nearly there!

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It has been a very long road, but I am just about there. A few more edits, a little polish here and there and then the big assemble for the upload to Amazon…!  I am starting to feel excited. Hope you enjoy reading it, just as much as I have been writing it.Book cover for The Guy Next Door


Now I have my own name on my pens!

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Finally, my first basic designed pens have arrived!

It has been fun, designing the little pictures. I have this same design on my business card

My bookmarks have arrived

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My business card size book marks have arrived!

All set for the ARRA in February.


Romance Readers High Tea

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It was a fantastic afternoon, on the 15th October, 2016 – in Brunswick, Impala & Peacock. For a Romantic High Tea – Australian Romance Readers Association, event. Meeting new people from around Victoria. The three main ladies for this event were:- Alli Sinclair, Keri Arthur and Fiona Lowe. Beautiful & extremely talented  authors in all things romance.


At the end of the day, I was lucky enough to receive a gift bag from the beautiful talented Alli. Thank you Alli, I will cherish your gift and enjoy reading your fabulous book, your next one in its series.hit

If you are looking for a fantastic book to read, you can not go any further than Under the Spanish Stars. – By Alli Sinclair



New Business Cards

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Business CardMy first business cards have arrived.

My first blog.

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Welcome to my new creation.

In this new wide world of internet, I am taking one step at a time and learning along the way.

From ideas and images, characters, names and places. To story lines and plots, characters in love, hate, passion and everything in-between. When to stop and take a break and making the time to read what I have created, debating how to make this better, what can I do to make it better. When in my mind I know how the story travels, what the characters are thinking, speaking and doing. Only to find, when reading on paper what I have created, does not always equal what it should be, not what I was thinking. So once again, back to the computer and try once again to turn my words and thoughts into something people will not only understand, but enjoy.

Over the past several years I have been learning the different aspects of creating a digital book and how to publish it. Re-learning how to write a manuscript, but come on, everything I had once learnt has floated out the window and has blown away.

Designing and creating book covers, with or without the assistance of my trusty talented sons.  So with shaking fingers and jumbled thoughts I try my hand at creating a world I love and hope other eager readers will contemplate taking the journey with the different loveable or annoying characters.

So thank you – reader, for taking the time to explore my first blog and book. Without you, I would be talking with myself instead.

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