December has arrived and so has Summer!

december greetings.jpg

So the 1st of December has started. The sun was out and shining, it felt like a Summers day!
A recap for the month of November.

  • I am still busy working on book four – It’s You.
  • My first book in my shifter series is still in the process of editing.
  • I am going over my original books and preparing them for PRINT.
  • I have ordered new author – stickers, bookmarks and other merchandise.
  • I am slowly preparing for my first 2019 book signing, in Berwick, Victoria on the 19th January. With lot’s of goodies. And then the next book signing at the end of March.
  • Book five in the Sex, Lies And Family Secrets, keeps wanting out and to be written.
  • I have not been well, even had a stint in hospital, via two ambulances.
  • My fibromyalgia has been acting up big time, this months attack includes inside my ears!
  • I’ve been on other authors blogs, which was great to do.
  • December has started, so I better get back to it, on one of the current WIP’s.

Some of the merchandise.


Our Christmas tree, went up today, who has begun the tradition and setting up either a fresh or fake Christmas tree – full of decorations.

So may you all, accomplished all your deadlines. Keep safe and healthy.

Until next time.
Say hello to your mum for me!

M. L. Tompsett – Author

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