Next book, first shifter exposure.

June KITDOLAL couple bk cover 1906.jpg

Hello and welcome to my July Blog.

As you can see, the cover of my next book which is due to be released – a shifter paranormal fantasy romance.
I have been busy finding my way back to this book and placing the fourth book of the Sex, Lies And Family Secrets, on hold and complete this little baby.
Until the book is completed and polished, this will be the most I will reveal of the cover of Kept In The Dark Of Love And Lust.
A little story I had started around ten or more years ago now. And it has grown.
I hope you enjoy the story Misty and Branx, in my first shifter book.

What do you do when you discover the imaginary voice in your head is real and the pull and lust you feel towards your client has more meaning behind it than it should?
I hope you enjoy it.

– – – – –

On other news, the box set of my dark one – vampire series is available on Kindle Unlimited for FREE.

Sex, Lies And Family Secrets, series. Box Set 1-2-3

Take a look today.


Next month is going to be big. I will be travelling to Sydney for the annual RWA 2018 conference. And I cannot wait to see all the author friends I have made over the last few years.  Plus while being away, make lot’s of new friends and contacts in the writing industry and learn as much as I can.
Maybe, even find some unknow new book, waiting to be revealed and written.  Flying by plane and other transport, anything is possible while riding a new adventure.

Don’t forget to download my free book, The Guy Next Door, from all good ebook outlets. And leave a review.
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Oh, look at the time – it must be cuppa time.

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