End of the Month is here

Wow. September has been and gone.
Where did it go to?

Over the last month, I have been busy with editing, revisions and writing.

Plus still trying to get my butt moving and complete the finishing touches to my print books! Yes new print books.

A huge work in progress.

Kept in the Dark is still travelling the path of edits. Fingers crossed the book will be out by Halloween! Eew. Time has flown by this year.

It’s you, the fourth book in the Sex, Lies And Family Secret, series, I am still slowly writing, editing and revising. A very big work in progress. Alley is finding her companion does not like to sleep with his clothes on… Which can and does become a problem for the young pair!

Last month, I had a great birthday, spending time in Melbourne, followed by travelling to Sydney to the RWA conference. I met many brand new faces, new authors and caught up with old friends and the good part is, making many more.

Le39543636_524304254695312_3307848111887482880_narnt lots and shared information, tips and tricks I have learnt and discovered along the way.

Received my first sale ribbon, which was a bonus. Now I just have to sell a copy of my next two books and I will receive the sale badge for FIVE sales!  By the time the next conference comes around, I might just get there.


With colds and flu hitting the family hard, it will be good to see some warm weather.

Thought I better touch base with you all, before September finishes.

Enjoy you day. Keep safe and oh, look at the clock. It must be cuppa time!



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