Make time for yourself

Hello everyone. At the moment I am taking time out for myself. Everyone needs to take some time for themselves. Not just for your body but also that of your mind. Mental health is important for everyone. Don't burn yourself out. It is not worth it. Take time out this weekend and relax. Read a [...]

Melbourne Author Signing 2023

Wow what a dayA room full of talented, creative fantastic authors, and then all the beautiful reader's What a busy day. I left home before sunrise and arrived home after sunset. It is always exciting to travel to the city. And this time it was for the Australian Romance Reader's Associations' author signing event in [...]

This Saturday!

Wow. This Saturday, people. It is getting closer. And I'm getting excited about this fantastic author signing event in Melbourne. Thanks to the Australian Romance Reader's Association -- as they present -- A Romantic Rendezvous 2023, it will be the place to be this Saturday. GUESS WHAT... general admission tickets will be available at the [...]

For those who are interested in attending this year’s ARRA2023

Only a couple more days left for purchasing tickets, and I'm excited! Dusted off my banner and table signage. Don't they look pretty. Not long until I see all the smiling and eager faces at this year's #ARR2023 Ticket sales will close on Friday 3 February.When - 18th February. Where - Melbourne. Novotel on Collins. [...]

Did you see my piece on the ARRA blog page?

Guest blogger: ML Tompsett 1d ago Today’s blog is about what an indie author can and does go through—when they write, create, design, publish, and release a book. How many of you know what an indie author is and what they do? Indie authors are the sole person who does everything from the start, middle, [...]

ARRA 2023 author signing is nearly here!

It is getting close, and I'm excited! #ARR2023 is nearly here! Ticket sales will close on Friday 3 February. Who's coming along to meet Julia Quinn, Audrey Carlan, and the dozens of local Aussie romance authors who will be at these events? Which city will you be at? I'm signing in Melbourne. Make sure to [...]

January is here!

Welcome to 2023. Happy New Year and Happy Reading for 2023 How is your to-be-read pile?Have you managed to read a good book within the first five days? Speaking of reading a good book. This week don't forget we are celebrating my new release. Yay me!My eighth published single book. Ghost of a Chance in [...]

Happy Release Day!

 Happy New YearHow were your New Year activitiesSpending it with family and friends?Did you read a good book?Speaking of reading a good book.Today we are celebrating my new release.Today is the release day for Ghost of a Chance in Love.If you have read the previous two books in the series, you would have come across Laini [...]

December is here

Summer is here... Well at times it is and currently Winter is back.Have you booked your tickets yet? Would you like the chance to meet some awesome authors? Did you enjoy watching the tv show Bridgerton? Maybe you read the books -- Meet the author, Julia Quinn! Don't forget to book your tickets. This is [...]

To create or not to create

Are you a writer and debate if to create your own digital files. Do you know how to? Do you know where to start? Many years ago, now, I once used to create my digital files in word. Yes, in word doc. Many years later and a lot of hard work, I now use a [...]