To read or not to read!

To follow on from my previous blog on reviews – To Read or Not to Read allows readers to step into the book critic role and determine which books to recommend and which ones to skip based on their reflections throughout the reading experience… But, how as a reader, do we take each piece of criticism. Do we believe everything we read, or do we go with the flow and soak up everyone’s words, or maybe, we should make up our own minds.

Don’t forget, it is our time, our money going into obtaining the books, reading the books. Book reviews can help a book become established out in the big scary world. Then once the book is noticed and remarked upon positively, then other readers are much more likely to want to buy that same book. Reading is important to everyone based on the material we have selected because it develops our thoughts, gives us endless knowledge and lessons while keeping our minds active. Books can hold and keep all kinds of information, stories, thoughts and feelings unlike anything else in this world. Books can help to inspire students to do hard work with courage and hope, well, we can only wish. Each student can be enriched by the experience to sharpen their intellect. There are many benefits of reading books; students will get more knowledge, improve memory and build more vocabulary. Even with adults, one can notice a difference in their thoughts, speech, and memory. It helps assist to keep our brains active which we need. We require to keep moving forward pressing our thoughts and reading patterns into a educated way forcing the brain to be active and not be idle. So, if you’re looking for ways to improve your memory and concentration and also relieve stress, reading will help. The brain-stimulating activities from reading have shown to slow down cognitive decline in old age with people who participated in more mentally stimulating activities over their lifetimes. My grandmother always said to grab a puzzle book and enjoy, her mind was sharp. Her intellect was quick witted, and fast with a cheeky joke or phrase.

I personally prefer fiction books. It allows me for a short time to escape and take a break from my real everyday world and travel to all kinds of places and locations. Speak with different characters and learn along side the character in the story. We can laugh, cry, become angry, frustrated, and even excited. Each story your dive into can touch each person differently.

In fact, for years reading was the only form of personal entertainment, and perhaps this is why reading has been in the spotlight for such a long time. Reading has survived the years, and luckily, the benefits have survived right along with the books. 

So what are the benefits of reading?

  • Children who read often and widely get better at it, which can also improve on their spelling and grammar.
  • Adults who read often, can improve their reading skills and levels
  • Reading exercises our brain.
  • Reading improves concentration – unless the storyline is too intriguing and you’re so captured in the plot you forget all time! By concentrating on the words and the storyline, it stimulates your brain and cognitive functions. This particular stimulation can help sharpen your mind, especially the part of the brain that is responsible for concentration and critical analysis. Reading sharpens the brain much like you would sharpen a knife. This sharpening of the mind will eventually heighten your focus when concentrating on something important.
  • Reading improves vocabulary and language skills, it is amazing what topics and facts you can learn from a book. Even ones written for fiction.
  • For fiction readers, the odd reader finds themselves falling for the male or female hero, which is then confirmed as a book boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • In fact, for years reading was the only form of personal entertainment, and perhaps this is why reading has been in the spotlight for such a long time – depending on the nature of the book. Reading has survived the years, and luckily, the benefits have survived right along with the books. Just look at how we travelled over Covid and becoming stuck in lockdown.
  • Reading is great fun for many people, but it also has many benefits for your mental health in the form of thinking and understanding.
  • Just to name a few reason to read a book.

So basically do yourself a favor and grab a book and read.

My latest print book read was –  The Sheikh’s Marriage Proclamation, by the very talented author,  Annie West
I was lucky enough to read an ARC, and boy did I love it. I enjoyed each page – Thank you, Annie West.

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