Writing there is no quick way to a manuscript

Have you written a manuscript and typed The End at the bottom on the last page and wonder what you do next? Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, do not rush off and fall into the trap of publishing the pages of your manuscript, thinking it will be the next bestseller. Sadly life does not [...]

What to say when said is too much.

Writing techniques, and selecting another word instead of 'said'. Have you been contemplating writing? Or have you written a short story or eighty thousand words? Writing can be therapeutic until you begin the editing side of things. Some authors love editing, while others hate it with a passion. Things to look out for - repeating [...]

Insta Bride – have you read it?

I have been busy making a few changes here and there in my latest contemporary romance, Insta Bride. The blurb also tweaked. How many of you have taken the time to read it? Both the blurb and book? Take a look and let me know what you think. Blurb Missy wants passion and no strings. [...]

To read or not to read!

To follow on from my previous blog on reviews - To Read or Not to Read allows readers to step into the book critic role and determine which books to recommend and which ones to skip based on their reflections throughout the reading experience... But, how as a reader, do we take each piece of [...]


What is a book review? A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is merely described or analyzed based on content, style, and merit. Remember, when it comes to reviews, you base your opinion on the book you just read, not the author.

May is here

1st may, 2020 Hello everyone. The first of May has arrived and with it freezing cold wet windy weather. If I didn't know what Season it was I would think it Winter. How is everyone handling the Covid-19 episode? My state is still in a lock down. People are finally backing off and allowing the [...]

Do you enjoy reading ebooks?

Hello everyone,Some of us are already house bound, because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) whether you are self isolated or medically isolated, or just not able to get out of the house.If you are able to read and enjoy ebooks, I am here to whisper in your ear - I belong to a brand new group [...]

Author signing complete for another year!

A few pictures of the ARRA a-romantic-rendezvous—Melbourne—author-book-signing, 2020 With numbers down, I did not get to see as many smiling eager faces as I had the year before. But the weather was better!I also had a sign-up sheet to my newsletter for anyone to enter for the chance to win a merchandise prize.Congratulations to Jessica.I [...]

ARRA 2020 is nearly here!

March is here and so is the ARRA 2020 author signing event in Melbourne. Did you manage to pre-purchase your tickets for Melbourne? If you didn't don't worry, you can still buy one at the door. Make sure to bring your friends and come and meet all the fabulous talented authors. There will be a huge [...]

March is here!

Summer is over and COVID-19 is multiplying A new month has arrived and with it the unsure nature of the global world with the rapid spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has families worried. Do we stock up on shelf life foods? Maybe...but can you physically afford the costs of extra food in your shopping trolley.As [...]