End of January is fast approaching

Hello everyone,

Can you believe it… The 30th January is here already!

I have had a few set backs, but I am taking steps forward to be back on track. All I can say, if you notice any form of pain in your body, do not palm it off and have the “I’ll be right” attitude. Life is far too short to compromise your health.

At the moment I am busy working on different clients ebook and now, also print book digital files. Even though I stay back and linger in the shadows, I nearly feel like a parent (feeling proud), once I see the completed product, knowing I assisted with the publishing birth of their book baby.

And then there is my own book babies. I only realised I had not updated my own book baby digital file. One of my ebooks, I have had to pull out the digital files and update them with the sneek peek (excerpt) of my latest book published.

With the end of the first month of the year nearly over, what have you planned for February?

Remember – always take the time to make a doctors appointment and have a full bloodwork done and your blood pressure. You should do this once a year. Have your body checked for moles and dark spots.
What might have been a little spot one day, might actually be a dangerous growth. It pays to be safe than sorry.

If you have not done so yet, make sure to grab the latest book and read to your contentment, with a cool glass of something yummy by your side.
Even one of my books, you might enjoy the journey of dark ones, shifters, witches and vampires, oh my.

It’s You.
Available at all good ebook outlets and online print book stores.

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