Last days

I live in a world surrounded by Dark Ones, and other entities like Shifters, Vampires, and Witches. If only my life were not a lie and in constant danger.

I prefer the man I love to raise my daughter, but I think my betrothed husband would not agree with that thought. Instead, he would kill me – for my betrayal if given a chance. That’s if the assassins don’t kill me first! I must protect my daughter and my heart if I am going to become the next Queen of Silver.

Print book cover!

It’s You, will be going back to it original price of $4.99
Download a copy and enjoy PNR with bite.

Alleys story.
Come and join the journey with Dark Ones, Assassins, Wolves, Vampires & Witches.
.99 cent promo for this new release, for a few more days only.
Be quick before the price changes.

Shifter PNR
Kept in the Dark
of Love and Lust

Are you interested in any other ebooks. Keep an eye out for my next blog and I will add a few more books to your TBR purchase pile, from many different fantastic authors.

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