February is already half way over.

The year is progressing. Valentine’s Day has been and gone.

With works still busy with print books and also creating the large font print books for low vision, or as I would say, books which are easier to read! My two WIP are still going strong, and soon I will start posting little snippets.

Another big announcement for this year is, I have finally added a new page to my website!

I have been extremely busy with clients and assisting them with their book files. From there they have now published in print and eBooks. Both fiction and non-fiction.

Even though my name is not mentioned in their books – well they are not my book babies to begin with. I still feel proud with the knowledge I am behind the reason why these books are available to the public today.

So if you have been debating what you should do with your completed manuscript and wanted to turn it into the digital files required for uploading to be a Print book or an eBook, send me a message and we can work out the best course to go. I can also provide advice to becoming an indie author in this big scary world of publishing.


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