Australia Day is nearly here

Hello everyone,

How have you been coping with all this hot weather? Today it is already hitting 40 and the wind has picked up. The sad part is, the temperature is meant to be increasing, until the cool change hits.

The plan for today to head out and try and complete all tasks before the temperature is too high. Then spend the rest of the day on my current WIP, with a cool drink beside me and the air conditioning blasting.

Tomorrow is Australia Day here in Oz. Not sure if we will be attending one of the many breakfast BBQ’s or lunch. Whichever way our day will be spent, please take care out on the roads. Traffic will be heavy, take plenty of drinking water with you.

For those of you in the bushfire area’s, big hugs to you all. Take care and leave early. Don’t risk you life, it is not worth it. A house can be rebuilt, you will be missed, but you can never be replaced.

book card

Edits for Kept In the Dark Of Love and Lust are still moving forward. Fingers crossed they will be complete soon. And the book will be released to the public. Getting excited and I cannot wait for everyone to read it.

With the postponed authors signing on the 19th January, fingers crossed there will be a new date soon.

As for this weekend, have a fantastic time, keep safe and be careful out on the roads.

P.S – If you are out and about on Sunday and in Victoria, down towards Phillip Island, take a detour and visit the little beach village – Kilcunda for their lobster festival.

A great day out with many different stalls of goodies to be purchased, including the chance to win your own cooked crayfish!

Happy Australia

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