Happy New Year and Welcome 2018

Hello and welcome to 2018.

Hope everyone were able to be with their loved ones and seeing the new year in.

This year will be a busy one.

  • With two WIP still to complete
  • A new website to design
  • New book covers to be – designed, – completed, – resubmitted.
  • Two other books to go over and rewrite
  • Four books to be edited
  • Merchandise to be designed, ordered
  • Printed books to be designed, finalised and printed
  • Publish other peoples books also.

And that is just the start of this years work load.

Hope everyone is enjoying my books. Let me know what you think of the new covers.

With the new year starting, with all the do and don’ts about to start and what you should be doing… Please be mindful. We are only human. We are not superman. We still have to take each day as it comes, place one foot in our pants at a time.

Be realistic, try not to set unbelievable goals this year. Yes we all have hopes and dreams, yes write them down, but realistically take smaller steps to achieve our goals. You can try and do, anything you  put your mind to.  With smaller steps, and with each step completed, you can mark off your progress and know – You Completed It!

Happy 2018 New Year.

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