Happy 2018 New Year!

hny 2018

With one more day left remaining of 2017, a lot of changes have been made. I have released another book.  Changed and updated my book covers. Designed and made new bookmarks and flyers. Lot’s of new business card size book cards to be handed out. New merchandise, including my new coffee mugs.

It did not help, at the start of the year, when my laptop died taking all my files with it. Placing me behind with the release of my second book. Now I have a new updated laptop, including my new Christmas presents of a new keyboard and mouse, which constantly change colour.

With a couple of book signings under my belt and the ARRA in February completed, it had been a fantastic event. Meeting new friends and catching up with others authors.

With surgery and the removal of my gallbladder, recovery had taken its toll. It did not help either when I missed a step and fell down the carpet covered stairs, injuring my ankle and foot just over a month later. A bit of damage to my foot and ankle, thankfully they had not been broken, but I did injure the tendons and ligaments.

I am just about finished completing the next two book covers of books three and four with the fifth cover still in design stage – Sex, Lies And Family Secrets.

My first book in my shifter series, is almost completed and the cover has a few more details to add. It’s second book in its series is still in design and set out stage.

With two new books due for release early next year and another one later in the year, it will be an interesting year. Fingers crossed all three of my first released book will also be in print and available for sale.

mltompsett ausrom

It had also been a surprise to be nominated in this years AusRomToday Reader’s Choice Awards in the Best New Author category.

It had been a pleasure being amongst all the other talented authors.


With the month of November, busy with NaNoWrMo – I completed over the 50,000 wordsNaNo-2017-Winner-Certificate and made some new fantastic talented friends around the world, with a nice little certificate at the end.

Don’t forget the first book in the Sex, Lies And Family Secrets – series – The Guy Next Door, will be back to its original price very soon.



bk sale NYE starting 2b
Amazon link



From my family to yours, we wish you a Happy and Safe 2018 New Year

May you fill your ereaders full of fantastic books.

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