March is here!

Hello, and welcome everyone.

Can you believe it…March is here already!

I am still busy writing, creating and editing my three WIP’s. Yes, three of them, with a few others wanting out, and to join the other folders of completed manuscripts.

How is everyone? With Covid all over the place, and states and borders going into lockdown, how is one to make plans?

I am relieved my states lockdown is over for now. Time has been flying. Medical tests continuing. Did I mention I had another blood clot? It had been discovered in my original lung…and I have also had them in my opposite lung, since I left the hospital last year. The main solution is to remain on my higher blood thinner dose. After all these months, I was meant to reduce the dosage by now. Not any more. I do have more tests to have performed, but when I find out more, I’ll keep you updated.

I recently had seen my eye specialist – I do not have to go back for another eighteen months! Yay me. I also saw the optometrist. I also ordered new reading glasses! When they arrive, I’ll post a pic.

Before we know it, Easter will be here. This year is flying along.

The latest print book – I have read!

Have you been busy reading? I have. I even read The Sheikh’s Marriage Proclamation, by the very talented author,  Annie West
I was lucky enough to read an ARC, and boy did I love it. I enjoyed each page – Thank you, Annie West.
A bit of my review – Tara and Sheikh Raif story starts with betrayal. Tara escapes rolled up inside a carpet from her relative.
Sheikh Raif must decide what to do with the beauty at his feet. A love story watching two people who’s counties are enemies, who become friends, and more. Can Raif protect the beauty and save her from the family which betray her?
You will enjoy reading this well written, entertaining romance novel with a smile. Get a copy today.

Let me know what you are reading? Have you read, one of my books, yet? What did you think?

It is that time of the afternoon, where you must get your butt into gear and make a start on dinner.
Tonight I am attempting to make my sheppard’s pie. Apart from beef mince, and a mashed potato top, I also have several veggies inside. It’s one way to feed the family veg with meat!

Plus, people it is cuppa time. So enjoy the rest of your day. Grab a hot cuppa and a good book and relax.

Remember to read and keep the brain active.

Until next time.

M. L. Tompsett.

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