Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy 2021 New Year!

Hello everyone,

The end of the year is only hours away. Wherever you are, whatever you decide to do. Please keep safe.

Yep. It is that time of the year already! In the end, this year has flown by, or have we only encouraged it to go faster?

The New Year is just about to begin, and hopefully new hopes and dreams are accomplished. The covid-19 positive figures deplete, and the vaccine works and saves our loved ones.

What a year we have had. A year of drama, heartache, loss, success, and a whole bunch of everything in between.

I am slowly recovering from the unexpected blood clots, which were discovered in my lung. The lumps that were noticed in my breast’s films – yep, turns out I also have lumps in my breast. After the final mammogram and ultrasound, those white splotches are fatty lumps! Thank goodness. But, it also means I will be required to have another mammogram next year, instead of the standard every two years.

My blood oxygen levels are just about normal again. With all the tests performed, they also discovered I have had…glandular fever. Then there is also bursitis in my shoulder, which was on top of the secondary pain. Initially, the doctors diagnosed me with only having secondary pain in my shoulder! Nothing like having two different issues with your shoulder.

My writing mojo left. Leaving me with two paranormal books un-completed and due for release. Well, those two books were placed on the back burner. I ended up having an idea – well, in the end, I wrote my first contemporary romance – Insta Bride.

I have been kept busy creating client’s digital files for their print books and ebooks. I am pleased with the results and so are my clients. It is a great feeling knowing your client is able to see and touch their new book baby in their hands.

Finally, after all this time, I am starting to get back into my two paranormal books again, adding more words! And editing other parts. It has been a long time, far too long, in the making.

I have begun to outline a few other books to write for next year. And yes, I have been busy writing another contemporary – The bodyguard’s convenient marriage. Make sure to keep an eye out for it. I am hoping to have it released by March!

Here in Victoria, it is great to see our friends and family once more. We managed to celebrate Christmas as a family, instead of long-distance via social media and the phone. But, and yes there is a but… my state now has positive cases once again after 50 plus days of being covid-19 free. Everyone, please be careful out there. Wear your face mask. Wash your hands, and keep your distance. If you’re feeling unwell, get yourself tested. If you think you have come in contact with someone with covid, get yourself tested.

Kindle Unlimited – readers.

For those of you who use Kindle Unlimited, my books are there for another week or so. So be quick. Time is running out. I will be removing them all and making them go wide again, placing them back in iTunes, Google, Kobo, etc.

Insta Bride – I will keep in Kindle Unlimited. Once The bodyguard’s convenient marriage is published, it, too, will be in Kindle Unlimited. As for the two paranormal’s I am nearly finished writing, they will be going wide with their other counterparts from the series.

Dark Surprises
You Never Know
It’s You
Kept in the dark of love and lust
Insta Bride
As for The Guy Next Door, it is available wide at all good online ebook stores, and FREE.

I am currently reading a few different books and ebooks. One of the paper backs I am reading is a fantastic read by the talented author – Annie West. Her fabulous Harlequin book – The Sheikh’s Marriage Proclamation. An early look at this newly printed book. And I am enjoying it, so far!

What are you reading? What do you plan on reading? What have you added to your TBR pile.

I still have several books in my TBR pile. It comes down to time. Time to read them.

With my tree and decorations now down, ready to start the new year with a clean slate, it is coming down to…what I’ll be doing tonight? Yes, I will be watching the new year appear. It is just a matter of where?

So, whatever your plans are for tonight. Be careful. Have fun. And be safe.

From my family to yours

Happy New Year, everyone.

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