I am back!

Yes, I am. What am I speaking of?

Back at the end of August I had pain in my back. My asthma was beginning to play up and it was a Friday evening.

During the night the pain increased, in my back and circled around to my chest. Breathing was painful. I went to the Emergency Department on the Saturday at our local hospital – After five hours including tests it was said I had viral pleurisy.

That night I tried the hospital’s pain meds, which did nothing for the pain, as I slowly walked up and down the hallways of my house. I was not able to lay down, excruciating pain radiated from my shoulder and in my ribs from my back and around to the front of my chest. By standing it was the only way to keep air entering my lungs.

At one point I sat down and placed pillows over my lap and leaned forward to sleep, as I had been nodding off while walking. By the time morning rolled around, I told my partner to take me to the hospital.

This time once I was in the ED, I was placed in a bed, sent for more tests, including bloods and a contrast ct-scan. My results – not pleurisy, instead they discovered blood clots in my lung!
So with blood thinner injections being injected into my belly, a bed in a different hospital was being organised.

I was to be transferred to a hospital in Melbourne. Melbourne which is a COVID hotspot. After a few hospitals closer to home were on by-pass due to COVID, I was taken to Berwick.

I was kept in the hospital downstairs, until my covid test was performed. It came back negative, which meant I was to be moved to the COVID free part of the hospital.

Every time a staff member had to attend me, they would be fully suited up, as soon as they had finished their medical duties, they would strip off the protective coverings and placed directly into bins. I was amazed to see how strict the staff were.

Relieved to see the hospital was taking every precaution due to COVID. For those people who keep thinking COVID is not serious or make believe story from the government, they should attend a hospital and see just how real COVID is.

Once in my brand new hospital room and do mean brand new, a section of the hospital had recently been built and only just opened due to COVID. I was there for over a week and a half.

I had to learn and contend with coughing up and spiting out blood. Alerting the nursing staff each time. In the end I had kept a pile of tissues on my hospital table trolley, containing blood. I had other health issues which became apparent and also from the medication I was being given.

It was a harrowing time. One I never want to repeat.

It has been a month now, since it all started. At least I can breathe, not deeply yet, but I can breathe without pain. I still mainly sleep sitting up. From blood thinning injections I have been changed over to tablets.

My appointment with my blood specialist is getting closer. So far the doctors have no idea how I happen to find myself with blood clots in my lung. All the usual ways of obtaining one, was crossed off the list leaving the doctors mystified.

I have only recently began to write again. Instead of my PNR, I have been playing with another contemporary.

I still have to take things slowly, as my blood oxygen levels are still low.

As they say, ‘one day at a time!’

So if you have any strange pain in your body, never palm it off. If you have a painful leg, which might feel like it has a hard lump in it as if you have injured your leg unexpectedly and a strange rash or red marking appears, get your butt to the hospital. Chance are you might be experiencing a blood clot.

As for me, I never had any usual warnings. All I had was trouble breathing and excruciating pain in my chest and lung. No injured limbs, no plane rides, nothing out of the ordinary.

Blood clots are dangerous. As mine were in my lung, I was extremely lucky it had not progressed to my heart or brain. If that was the case, I would not be here now, typing away speaking about my ordeal.

So, with each day I am thankful I am able to see my husband and sons. With Another restriction lifted, I can finally see my eldest son, which I had not seen for months. Living in the rural area we thankfully do not have the hard restrictions Melbourne has.

It is strange, even though we can drive and go out, all I want to do is stay home. Covid has meddled with my mind. I think I feel safer at home. Mind you, each time I go out, I wear a face covering. I wear my face mask. Before the hospital I was also wearing rubber latex gloves. Every time I went into a store I would use sanitizer, as soon as I got back into my car, I would sanitize again. As for when I would arrive home, my shoes would be sprayed at the back door, I would head to my bathroom, change out of my clothes and shower and dress in fresh clothes.

Please, keep wearing your face covering when you leave your home. Wash your hands. Keep safe and look after your family.

We have to look after one another.

Welcome to October!

Big hugs, everyone.

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