Do you prefer print books?

How many times have you discovered a fantastic book to read, only for it to be an ebook?
For Australian readers only I have my own order form, which will entitle you to an signed print book.
For readers in other countries, there are many online print book stores. Type in M L Tompsett in their search bar.

I myself love the feel of a print book in my hands, but as for my eyes, with each day which passes, they seem to go for the ebook.
With ebooks, you can increase the font size. Change the page colour to make it easier to read. I like to change mine to black with white writing. I can make the screen as bright or dull as I like.
There are so many options with an ereader.

For those of you who like to use Kindle Unlimited, I also have my ebooks there.

Think about escaping this weekend with a good book.

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