May is here

1st may, 2020

Hello everyone.

The first of May has arrived and with it freezing cold wet windy weather. If I didn’t know what Season it was I would think it Winter.

How is everyone handling the Covid-19 episode?

My state is still in a lock down. People are finally backing off and allowing the loo roll to multiple in the supermarkets once again. Most foods are also back which is good to see.
If only people did not panic buy in the first place.

I am busy writing a brand new book. Yes a brand new one, when I have two others which demand my full attention. So this other one is a novella and contemporary also. Way out of my comfort zone. One of those billionaires second chance type of books. I am debating if it will see the light of day, but hey, anything is possible.

This weekend I have the pleasure – – online of course – – meeting a fabulous group of writers. These talented people are authors in the making – – aspiring authors.
I hope I do not turn anyone off from the idea of becoming a published author.

So with May here I have a sneak look at a short blurb for –

What You Know –
Dane’s story. Come and join Dane with his brother Damien by his side, the pair finally discover their soul mate in an unlikely kingdom. Will they live to enjoy what their sisters have with an HEA, and survive the turmoil of being the prince of Darshia or will it all slip through their fingers with the enemy closer to home than they think.

And Kept in the Dark of Lies and Deceit –
Malisty’s journey into the unknown with Xavier by her side. Will they make it out alive with their memories, or will they be forever in the dark with no memory of who they really are. Can Braven arrive in time to save his wife and best friend or will he lose them both to a power hungry villain determine to create a super race of shifters and does not care who dies as long as he creates his ultimate killing machine.

Now with Mother’s Day fast approaching, don’t forget to contact your mum and let her know you are thinking of her.

Plus a big Happy Mother’s Day to all you mum’s and mum’s to be out there.

Look at the time, it must be cuppa time.
Keep safe – Wash your hands – Keep your distance.

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