Author signing complete for another year!

A few pictures of the ARRA a-romantic-rendezvous—Melbourne—author-book-signing, 2020

With numbers down, I did not get to see as many smiling eager faces as I had the year before. But the weather was better!
I also had a sign-up sheet to my newsletter for anyone to enter for the chance to win a merchandise prize.
Congratulations to Jessica.
I hope you get to enjoy your prizes.
Thank you to the wonderful people behind the scenes at ARRA. Once again you have done a fabulous job.

On another note, I have been interviewed and on a different blog this week!
Check it out.

Still busy typing away to What You Know. Dane is very busy with his client and protecting her from the bad guys, and Damien makes an appearance and discovers he has to take care of a woman who happens to be a born vampire! And yes, Damien is very caring in his skills to the beautiful stranger. Will she be more than he bargained for?

And in Kept in the Dark of Lies and Deceit, Malisty is learning there is an annoying voice in her head, which does not belong to her. Plus her sexy husband makes the fatal mistake when he protects her from the people in their community.

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