March is here!

Summer is over and COVID-19 is multiplying

A new month has arrived and with it the unsure nature of the global world with the rapid spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has families worried. Do we stock up on shelf life foods? Maybe…but can you physically afford the costs of extra food in your shopping trolley.
As for I…I have my shopping home delivered. Being out in the country, it is more economical for me that way. Basically it saves the running costs of my car. Plus it allows me more time to write and design. With certain items, as in fresh food, I find some weeks I have to order two instead of one. As far too many times, certain items are not always available each week – out of stock or if one weeks shop happens to be bigger than normal, then I might be able to stretch everything out and skip a week for ordering. But in doing this now and far too many people have started to panic shop – many items are beginning to run out. Lucky for us here in Australia, our toilet paper is made here, so if people back off from over purchasing, then the shops will be able to have a steady supply of toilet paper for everyone.
Apart from that, please remember to wash your hands thoroughly, sneeze or cough into your arm/elbow. If you feel as if you are coming down sick, keep away from other people and stay at home. Have yourself tested. It is better to be safe than make other’s sick. Some of those people have a higher chance of not surviving. Please keep that in mind.

Now back to writing news!

It is not long now until the ARRA — A Romantic Rendezvous, a book-signing event in Melbourne on 14th March, alongside authors like Darynda Jones, Susan Donovan, Tracey Pedersen, Anne Gracie, Michelle Sommers, Keri Arthur just to name a few.
Tickets are available at the door, so come on down to the Mantra Bell City, in Preston and come and see me and remember to wash your hands.

My ticket winner is delighted to win her ticket and cannot wait to attend the event. Congratulations Savannah.
Thank you to everyone who entered.

I am still busy writing and editing Kept in the dark of Lies and Deceit. And also, What You Know. I also have other books which want to make it out into the world and become known… (Please let me finish my other books first!)

How is this – as a wonderful review for my latest release – It’s You, from an Amazon reader!
I am so humble and overwhelmed with it. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
This is also why it is important to leave a review where you purchase books, to assist other readers make a decision in which books to purchase.

Amazon review
5.0 out of 5 stars
An Engaging, Fast Paced, First Person Paranormal – Harris and Harrison Fans check it out!
Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2020
“I’m a fan of the paranormal genre and there are several authors whose works I await with baited breath – or with paw and fang depending upon the phase of the moon. But my favorite authors can only produce so many books a year which sends me out looking for new talent and new voices. Tompsett is a new voice who takes a first person approach to the paranormal. This is not an easy approach to any story that has an ensemble cast and requires a level of skill that most authors cannot sustain. Which is why Tompsett’s work reminds me of Kim Harrison, a very accomplished first person paranormal author. I found Harrison (Dead Witch Walking) when I had tapped out all of my previous favorites. Having tapped out Harrison this series was a perfect pickup for me. Tompsett’s paranormal landscape is at once different, but familiar. The familiar are some of the generally accepted rules of paranormals and complex relationships. What is different is the way the universe is cast. What makes this a good choice for Harrison and even Harris fans is that it has the immediacy of the characters with language, context, and dialogue that takes you out of your world and into theirs. Having found the series at book 4 I was still drawn straight into the narrative – picture catching episode 6 of True Blood and totally getting it – which makes this series and this author a go to for paranormal fans.”

Oh, look at the time – It is cuppa time!
Have a good one, everybody and keep safe.

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