April is here

Hello everyone and welcome to April!

Have you all survived Easter and all that yummy chocolate?

What has been happening…

My laptop died, causing me to fall behind in my edits, revisions and printed books.

At the moment, I am taking baby steps to upload everything.

If you have an old copy of my first book – The Guy Next Door and would like an updated copy, fingers crossed Amazon will have updates available soon. Otherwise, if you would like a FREE copy of my first book, head on over to Amazon now can download a newly revised edition, today.  Yes, it is now available in all its revised glory.

Oh and my second book – Dark Surprises, will also be available for updates soon with all the additional revisions made.

Speaking of books…

The third book – You Never Know is on its way to hitting the digital shelves. Keep an eye out for it. (Finally!)

Enjoy the rest of April and keep warm!

Your little typist.        –  M L Tompsett

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