Catching up with Judy Nunn

Local Author – meets – Australia’s talented Author    shell and judy

This week, I had the privilege and honour – meeting the fabulous and talented Australian favourite author Judy Nunn.

With her playful manner, and her actress side showing; Judy read a piece from her latest book release – Sanctuary. Capturing the audience and keeping everyone entertained and on the edge of their seats. A thrill piece, had you shaking your head and hoping for the character and his family to stay safe and escape, from the evils of war. Judy also went on to explain the back ground story and history, of how Sanctuary had started and formed. Judy also mentioned her talented husband and his contribution with the composing a beautiful piece for her book amongst other things.

A bit about Sanctuary, grab a copy today.



Judy nunn bk sanctIn Judy Nunn’s latest compelling novel, compassion meets bigotry, hatred meets love, and ultimately despair meets hope on the windswept shores of Australia.

On a barren island off the coast of Western Australia, a rickety wooden dinghy runs aground. Aboard are nine people who have no idea where they are. Strangers before the violent storm that tore their vessel apart, the instinct to survive has seen them bond during their days adrift on a vast and merciless ocean.

Fate has cast them ashore with only one thing in common . . . fear. Rassen the doctor, Massoud the student, the child Hamid and the others all fear for their lives. But in their midst is Jalila, who appears to fear nothing. The beautiful young Yazidi woman is a mystery to them all.

While they remain undiscovered on the deserted island, they dare to dream of a new life . . .

But forty kilometres away on the mainland lies the tiny fishing port of Shoalhaven. Here everyone knows everyone, and everyone has their place. In Shoalhaven things never change.

Until now . . .


I also gave Judy one of my brochures – The Guy Next Door.

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