Books written by M. L. Tompsett

Paranormal, fantasy, romance genre books, containing, Dark Ones, Witches, Vampires, shifters and those pesty assassins. Urban fantasy romance. Contemporary romance.

The books are for readers 18 years and older due to the content containing coarse language and adult sexual themes.

All books are available in print and in ebooks, at all good online outlets.

Fans of Kim Harrison & Charlaine Harris books will enjoy sinking their teeth into these books.

Sex, Lies And Family Secrets – Series

  1. The Guy Next Door
  2. Dark Surprises
  3. You Never Know
  4. It’s You 
  5. What You Know
The Guy Next Door – vampires and witches – book 1

The Guy Next Door

Alexia’s story into the world of Dark One’s and assassins. Who can you really trust?

Dark Surprises – vampires and witches – book 2

Dark Surprises

Alexia and Drake are joined by Lucy and Devlain, and their fight to survive the dark witches.

You Never Know – vampires, witches and shifters – book 3

You Never Know

Alex journey into the human realm and her fight to becoming the next queen of Darshia.

It’s You – vampires, shifters, witches and dark ones – book 4

It’s You

Alley’s fighting for her life, can she trust the man she is with and survive to become the next queen of Silver.

Shifter Romance

Book 1 & 2

Kept in the Dark of Love and Lust – shifters and witches

Kept in the Dark of Lies and deceit – shifters and witches
Book 2

Contemporary Romance

Second Chance at Love, series.

Insta Bride –
Contemporary Romance
The Bodyguard’s Convenient Marriage
Contemporary Romance
Ghost of a Chance in Love
Contemporary Romance

Boxset picture of books 1, 2, 3
Sex Lies and Family Secrets boxset 1-2-3
Available in ebook
Sex Lies and Family Secrets boxset 1-2-3-4 –
Available in ebook


Out Now

The Bodyguard’s Convenient Marriage is now available via Amazon – Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited.

Too busy for romance. Unworthy of love.

Never one for relationships, hard-working retired-FBI agent Essy Raiker has made it her mission to be the best bodyguard in the business. Complete the contract. Don’t get attached. Don’t get hooked. Rules to live by for a kid starved of love and abandoned into foster care. That is, until the day Declyn Bianchi hired her, changing her life forever.

More than bullets fly hot and fast when Essy faces her estranged husband.

Declyn Bianchi is fed up with his high society family controlling his life and the reckless antics of his trouble-seeking identical twin. Dekk’s prayers are answered in the form of a sinful-looking body—his new bodyguard, Essy Raiker.

Family is everything to Dekk. So, when their safety is threatened, he risks danger to save them. Then the family he thought he could trust betrays him, and he turns to his estranged wife for help.

Can Essy risk rejection and let Dekk in, exposing her fragile heart? Can Dekk reveal his feelings for Essy and protect his heart from breaking again?

Who is behind the attacks against the Bianchi family? And can they be stopped before everything Essy and Dekk value is lost?

Not all secrets remain dead and buried. Some lurk beneath the surface, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Passions burn deep in this second chance at love.

HEA is included, but, make sure to have the tissues handy.

The 2nd book in the Second Chance At Love, series. All standalone books.

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Insta Bride

One wants their fantasies fulfilled, as for the other – they require a date for a wedding.

Secrets, lies, love, and revenge.

Slide between the pages and submerge yourself in this sexy, contemporary romance.

Hard-working Missy Jamés has come a long way to become successful, too busy for relationships. Who needs love, especially after her last failed attempt with a money-hungry cheating ex?

Introducing herself as Oliviér, can she enjoy a no-strings night in Vegas with sexy Tanner Steel? Will he live up to her expectations and fulfill all her fantasies? It’s not like she’ll lose her heart after one night?

Adrian Steele, known as Tanner to his friends, despises his “New York’s, most eligible billionaire playboy” title.

He goes to Vegas to celebrate his friend’s buck’s party and meets the beautiful Oliviér.  Is Oliviér the type of woman he can trust with his heart? Or will she be like all the other social climbing females who grace his bed?

Thanks to his friends, Tanner’s secret lifestyle is revealed, causing Oliviér to turn her back on the one man she thought she could trust. Will Tanner reach Oliviér in time, or will he be too late and lose her forever?

A Billionaire – Secret baby – Revenge – Second chance – Novella.

The 1st book in the Second Chance At Love, series. All standalone books.

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Ghost of a chance in love

As a teenager, her life changed forever.
Her parents were murdered, and she was taken into protective custody.
Started a new life, a new name, new family and gained a new sister with interesting skills and abilities.
As an adult, Laini Raiker is highly sought after as the editor and reporter for a popular international women’s magazine.
Laini was happy. Had everything in her life. A husband she loves and adores. A precious daughter and to complete their family a baby on the way until the day she woke up in the hospital looking down at her unconscious body.
With missing memories, Laini is relieved when her sister Essy can see her ghostly form and together they work to discover how Laini ended up in hospital.
The only thing–Essy knows Jaxton was in the car with Laini when everything went wrong. Even though the evidence is pointing, Jaxton is with his mistress. Nothing is making sense. Jaxton loves Laini and his daughter.
Time is of the essence. Can Laini discover the truth in time to locate Jaxton and be reunited with her body? Or is history repeating itself and the ones who killed her birth parents are now after her and the ones she loves?
A newborn baby cries for his parents. Hearts shatter and lives are on the line.
Who can you trust?

The 3rd book in the Second Chance At Love, series. All standalone books.

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Blurbs: Paranormal Fantasy

The Guy Next Door – 1

Dark Ones, assassins and fighting to survive, become Alexia’s new way of life. In this new series of Sex, Lies And Family Secrets: The Guy Next Door. This is book one of the series. Weeks away from turning eighteen, Alexia Steele is about to face the hardest challenge in her young life. The love of her life – Drake, is gone and Alexia’s mother just revealed a massive family secret, changing her life forever. Arriving in a mysterious new world where Dark Ones roam, Alexia is on a mission to protect the people she loves at the same time fighting to stay alive and work out who is trying to kill her.  Alexia starts her search for her next-door neighbour, the absent love of her life – Drake. Alexia soon finds Drake surrounded by women, wanting prestige of marriage. Will their love be strong enough to reunite them, or is Alexia already too late? 
It soon becomes clear not all family can be trusted and will the person who wants Alexia dead; succeed in their evil plans for power.

Dark Surprises – 2

Alexia is back, and finds herself drawn into the paranormal world she thought she had left behind. We finally get to meet Lucy and see how her life dangerously entwines with Alexia and Drake in the next instalment of Sex, Lies and Family Secrets: Dark Surprises. A new revised edition, for your enjoyment – 2019 What happens when your sexy husband is mistaken for someone else and kidnapped by violent, evil, men? You take charge and organise a rescue of course! Finding out Witches are real, and her best friend Lucy comes from a family of Witches. With Lucy by her side, they soon find themselves fighting for their lives against the Dark Witches, who are out for blood. Alexia finds herself learning and using Lucy’s spells and gifted magical charmed necklace to rescue Drake from a Dark One traitor. Can Alexia save Drake in time or will this spell the end for our loving couple. And, then there is the mysterious woman in the shadows, who is she and why does she seem so familiar?

You Never Know – 3

Leaving her royal family behind and turning her back on her destiny, Alex Smithlyn is a Dark One princess, living in the human realm. Alex and Branx Rayden work as partners at The Corporation, in the city – SFD or the Special Forces Department. Until someone close to our young couple decided Alex is next on the list for extermination.  A mysterious vampire appears, why is he looking for Branx?  And why did he capture, Alex?   Secrets are soon revealed, shattering one family, and changing their lives forever.   With Branx by her side, is the love they share strong enough to survive the evils around them and find out the truth before it is too late. Alex must survive if she is to become the next Queen of Darshia.   Who said the life of a Princess, is ever easy?

It’s You – 4

Fate has a funny way of interfering in one’s paranormal life. From the day I was born, I was predestined to be the next Queen of Darshia — me, Princess Alley Smithlyn. The catch is I’m now betrothed to some Dark One prince from another kingdom. If I don’t find my soul mate by my twenty-fifth birthday, I’ll be walking down the aisle with this prince to prevent war between our two kingdoms. I thought I’d discovered not one, but two soul mates while competing at the paranormal games until assassins swarmed the venue, capturing and slaughtering paranormals, especially those of royal blood. Determined to survive, I managed to escape back to Darshia, and thanks to fate, my life was changed forever. With a small child to care for and my betrothed arriving for our engagement party, all seems lost — until a handsome ghost from my past arrives. Can a man I once loved with all my heart save me, or am I destined to continue to live in a world of lies with the wrong man? The life of a princess is never easy… but I must survive at all costs and protect not only my daughter but also my heart if I’m going to be the next Queen of Silver. It’s You – This is the fourth book, in the Sex, Lies and Family Secrets, series.

What You Know – 5 – out soon.

Dane’s story. Come and join Dane with his brother Damien by his side, the pair finally discover their soul mate in an unlikely kingdom. Will they live to enjoy what their sisters have with an HEA, and survive the turmoil of being the prince of Darshia or will it all slip through their fingers with the enemy closer to home than they think.

Shifter Romance – Blurbs

Book one

Kept in the Dark of Love and Lust

Hard working city girl, Misty Statesly travels to a coastal town in Victoria to save her job from sabotage and hopefully win over her new clients from a sleazy work colleague. The feeling of déjà vu fills Misty when she runs into a gorgeous guy in the town’s supermarket, and it happens again when she meets her new client – Braven O’Geary. Braven is mesmerised by the mark on the inside of Misty’s thigh when they find themselves in a compromising position. A matching mark he had given his soul mate whom he was led to believe had died in a car accident with her parents, some sixteen years earlier. When Misty discovers she has lost memories, and the sexy as sin guy in front of her is not only her client, but also her soul mate and husband. Yeah, crazy, just does not come close enough to what Misty is feeling. Can Braven and Misty outwit the cat shifter clan and survive the evil plot his ex-fiancé and the Alpha have orchestrated? Will Misty regain her lost childhood memories, and fight for the man she loves, embracing her new strange world or will she die this time for real? Barnes and Noble Googleplay Amazon: Aus: US: UK: 

Book two

Kept in the Dark of Lies and Deceit – out soon!

Malisty’s journey into the unknown with Xavier by her side. Will they make it out alive with their memories, or will they be forever in the dark with no memory of who they really are. Can Braven arrive in time to save his wife and best friend or will he lose them both to a power hungry villain determine to create a super race of shifters and does not care who dies as long as he creates his ultimate killing machine.

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