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This is the second installment to the Sex, Lies and Family Secrets series and M.L Tompsett’s second ebook. In a world of vampires, witches , nudity, young love and steamy romances things are about to start heating up as more secrets are revealed and lives are once again in danger. In a unique world of the unknown filled with many possibilities the stakes are higher than ever in this fast paced, thought provoking and at times steamy series, things are about to change forever.
Alexia and Drake are trying to go back to living normal lives, although they are newly married vampires with twin babies and another on the way- they want to go back to school and live their lives as normal after all the trouble they experience in the hidden vampire kingdom of Darshia. If things in Alexia’s life weren’t complicated enough, a certain school rival having a thing for Drake, makes things ten times worse, putting Alexia on high alert and paranoid of what she might have planned to try to split the two of them up.
With Alexia’s best friend, Lucy back with a few secrets of her own and a traumatizing tale of a witches coven, rape, abuse, death and love- Alexia will have more on her plate than she thought, and something she would have never considered, revenge and justice.
When Drake is kidnapped by a group of men, the search is on and protection for their family increased- Alexia, Lucy and a group of surveillance/special operatives men, the fight is on to free and rescue Drake. But just what are they walking into and why was Drake kidnapped?
With many twists and turns, surprising family secrets revealed and another with a thirst to bring down all Alexia loves and holds dear, you wont see it coming and what will unfold will change the lives of Alexia and her family, and all of Darshia.
So last time i did a little character review on Alexia, but ill be doing someone else this time round to keep things interesting for you guys.
Lucy, Alexia’s best friend. Now this character surprised me, she is just if not as strong as Alexia and totally awesome in so many ways. The way she handles what she learns, shows what kind of a friend she is, and how she is able to adapt to change and grow. The ordeal she goes through when her tale is revealed will leave many shocked and horrified, and i guess Lucy has trouble dealing with it too although she was rescued and found love because of it. In saying this trauma and ordeal such as this has affected many people over the years, and everyone copes with everything different- But in away, i think some people will connect with her character because of what she goes through, even if in this case it happens in a fantasy world.
Lucy’s secret brings a new spin to the world of Alexia and Drake, truly making her an asset to the both of them and their family.
Now i know alot of vampire series can be a hit or miss, but honestly i love these characters and their world. The writing is easy to follow and hold a good pace, keeping you guessing and wanting more as you read along. The sex scenes! i almost forgot to talk about this and had to go back, steamy doesn’t even cover it guys! Its like a mills and boon novel but better! I cannot wait for the next one or the Shifter series to see where these characters and the world M.L Tompsett goes.
Its got me like:
If you guys haven’t checked this out yet, or The Guy Next Door(book 1) then please do yourselves a favour and get this ebook asap!
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Recommended for : Fantasy/ Romance/ Erotica/ Paranormal

Book Review on –  Sex, Lies And Family Secrets: The Guy Next Door

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A review on Goodreads – By Emma, Victoria, Australia
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I read this over a month ago now but it was amazing you guys! This is M.L Tompsett’s first book and what a book it is, filled with romance, steamy sex scenes, love/hate, secrets and more importantly ( my favourite) vampires!
She has done an awesome job creating a vampire book unlike any other, there are so many twists and turn around every corner you will never ever see it coming. I honestly cannot wait for book 2 of this series because it has a breathtaking, thought provoking cliffhanger ending that will make you want to continue reading as soon as you put this down.
Alexia is what we all are with our first teen love, completely and utterly love struck with her neighbour Drake, the love of her life. But Drake has lied, causing mixed feelings for Alexia about her future and who she really is, a determination builds inside her to hunt him down and get the answers she seeks, no matter the cost.
To do so Alexia, with the help of her mother, must enter a new world, the world of vampires where their are more than a few hidden secrets that she will uncover , dangers lurking around every corner and a big fat target on her back.
Who can she trust in this new world? Can she even trust Drake anymore? What lies has he told that will change both their lives forever? Who is Alexia really?
In a rollercoaster ride full of love, sex, secrets and skeletons inside both family closets, nothing will prepare you for the gobsmacking ending that awaits.My favourite character is definitely Alexia, she is a strong determined female entering a world completely unknown to her and she does it with not only grace but a strength thats inspiring.
I think alot of young females will relate to her and her love for Drake because we have all been there, we have all fallen madly hopelessly head over heels for a guy, and most of us probably know the sting on being lied to especially in our younger years.
The sex scenes in this novel are steamy as they can be, and amazingly written so you can visibly, physically see and feel them as if you were there.

This book isn’t twilight, or fifty shades of grey, (only saying this because people tend to comment anything vampires these days is twilight and anything sex related is fifty shades, gah i hate that, stop doing it guys!); this is completely its own and will surprise you.

Recommended for: Romance/ Fantasy/ YA